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4 ways to increase user engagement for your mobile app!

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Anith Sreekumar,Software Engineer


It is necessary to make frequent updates of your application as it can really help to improve its rankings, downloads and app stability.  Most of the renowned applications release an update in 1- 4 months period. Update frequency of your application mainly depends on user feedback. Frequent updates will bring application closer to latest market demands and also show your commitment to the application and that it is constantly maintained. Updates can add more features to the application or can expand the existing features. Updates also fix issues and make the application more user-friendly. Sometimes features that users find a bit awkward are removed from the application. 



Example: WhatsApp comes up with an update every 3 months. Some may be small, some may be big. But the important thing is that it gives a feeling to the user that the company is continuously striving to improve its product.



Push notifications have numerous benefits in terms of engaging with customers and driving traffic, however it is essential to use them in a way that keeps customers connected, rather than annoyed. Many apps have a wide customer base of inactive users who have downloaded but not used them. They are often forgotten, lost in the sea of apps on users mobiles. Push notifications allow developers to provide up-date relevant information to users, encouraging engagement, sparking recognition and increasing involvement. Other benefits of push notifications include increasing traffic, optimizing app use and driving conversions.



Example: Facebook continuously notifies the user on what is happening when they are not logged in to the app.  These are friend request notifications, like notifications etc, which in turn forces the user to re-engage with the app.

Build a community in social media

One major advantage of this is that it allows you to engage your users without app experience to fetch them information on new updates, challenges and promotions. A customer would not shy away from sharing his/her feedback about your app on social media platform. A good review would lead to a positive word-of-mouth publicity eventually leading to higher app downloads. So if we are able to pass people back and forth between our app in a social media channel, it will be easy for you to keep them engaged and retain them for a long period of time.



Example: Angry Birds the gaming app, has been present on Facebook since 2009 and sharing quality content with its users. This ranges from new levels for players and new power-ups amongst other offers. It also uses special occasions like Valentine’s Day to share associated offers. 


Use game mechanics

It includes things like leader board and achievements which enable you to provide your users with challenges for engaging with your app. If we are not using a game, we can use things like points which can be turned in for badges or a variety of other engagement matrix you can use that will award your user. So the goal here is to provide your users with something they value in return for engaging with your app.



Example: The game World of Warcraft provides a sense of working towards something, whether it is leveling up, mastering abilities, earning rewards, or collecting items that give an app the sticking power which keeps people coming back.

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