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5 eCommerce technologies to adopt in COVID times

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Bensha Augestine,Associate Software Engineer

It would be an understatement to say that we are witnessing unprecedented times, the ongoing pandemic situation has made businesses and enterprises to re-think their operating strategy, future goals, and how they want to do business. Unable to do business, Brick and mortar shops are moving their business online and already competitive and crowded online retail space, just became edgier. But technology can still give your business a cut above the rest, with tools that make your business faster and more customer-centric it not only helps your business survive the pandemic but also beat the competition. Let's see the technologies that make the difference :

eCommerce and Omni-channel Presence

Information and technology changed our shopping habits and expectations. The modern shopper tends to do multi-channel research and consideration before making a purchase, the mobile search while doing an in-store shopping has seen a 15% surge. To improve their sales businesses must focus on providing all the provision for the customers to access information from multiple access points:

  1. Allow your business to interact with customers to interact face-to-face via inbuilt Video Chat applications. It creates a more interactive consultation based interaction for the customer to know what he wants to know about the product.

  2. Co-browsing is when two or more people simultaneously browse through a web-page. This is very useful when retailers can guide customers through their web-page, demonstrating or explaining things in a more efficient and effortless way.

Hyper personalized Marketing

Modern customer's expectations are sky-high, and personalization has emerged as the biggest ongoing eCommerce trend. The best chance of making a sale is offering the customer a deal that he feels is personalized i.e based on his preference or previous interaction with the seller. Personalization comes with a better understanding of the customer's needs and behavior. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning help a business turn raw customer data into useful insights that in the absolute sense can influence the customer to turn his wish list into a purchase. With more people staying indoor and spending more time online.

eCommerce on Mobile

There are 5.16 billion mobile users who prefer to do almost everything right from watching movies, book tickets, and shop on it, 79% of mobile users have made an online purchase in the last six months and businesses failing to provide an efficient mobile shopping platform tend to lose a major chunk of potential customers. Engaging customers on mobile helps businesses with providing location-based marketing depending on the device location. Businesses must run a web platform and mobile application in tandem to make the best of both opportunities.

Conversational eCommerce Marketing

Traditional Marketing is a unidirectional mode of communication, but modern marketing is based on two-way communication, letting it know from the customer what he wants is anytime better than predicting. Businesses should integrate applications like chatbots, live chats to create a consistent and prompt channel for customer's queries, concerns, and understand what the customer wants.

Image Search

Online stores are integrating image search in their platforms, to help customers photograph what they want and directly upload the photo to find similar products on the site. For example, the customer wants a dress of a particular design, the customer can upload a photo of the kind of dress she is looking for and the site can immediately show the similar dresses on the site, this saves a lot of time and hassle for the customer in finding what he wants quickly. 

In the short span of this pandemic, more businesses have moved online than in a whole year, if you've already made this shift or are planning to shift your business online, remember these technological tools can not only help you cover the business you have lost due to the pandemic but also makes your business future-ready.
Without technology your online business may become out-dated. Get in touch with us and keep it market and technology relevant .

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