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5 Things to Know About Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

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Mithin Thomas,Mobility Lead

Lately, we are seeing a widespread adoption of Progressive Web Apps. While some adopt it for quick app development to meet customer demands, a majority of us use it for competitive advantage. In both cases, Progressive Web Apps or the popular PWAs are seen as the future of Application Development. 

Why is this so? So, here is everything that you need to know about Progressive Web Apps and their unique features.


What are Progressive Web Apps?


So, we heard it from the tech giants. The combination of web and native app into a single experience result into Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). These apps are reliable, fast and engaging. Native features such as full screens, flash screens, and push notifications are the add-on benefits of PWAs. Earlier, iOS was reluctant to support PWAs. But witnessing the potential of these apps, iOS has now accepted PWAs for creating blazing fast web apps.


Why Progressive Web Apps? 

Now, here are your top 5 reasons to choose PWAs for Application Development: 

  1. App Distribution

PWAs are free from the hassle of app store submission and integration. By avoiding the focus towards app store guidelines, these apps have the shortest route to reaching a wider audience with more quality results. This helps to reduce the time-to-market and distribute the apps in short span of time. 

  1. Offline Performance 

PWAs do not require an active internet connection at all times. These apps store data that can be accessed by users in an offline mode as well. Another advantage is that PWAs are quite reliable and load instantly even when you are on a poor internet connection. 

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Comparatively, PWAs increase the chance of getting indexed on search engines such as Google. Attributing to its instant loading and user engagement features, PWAs always stand a step ahead in terms of SEO and ranking factors. Unlike native apps, the individual URLs in the PWAs can be indexed easily.

  1. Push Notifications

PWAs increase engagement rates with push notifications. Web apps often miss out a good lot of customers in the absence of timely updates on offers and other news. But PWAs enable push notifications that help in customer retention and engagement. 

  1. Security 

Although PWAs do not need an active app store submission, this does not mean that these apps do not comply with the basic security guidelines. PWAs use TLS connections and ensure secure data access and transmission with HTTPS in place.



Who uses PWAs? Is it an emerging form of Application Development? 

Forbes, Flipkart, Alibaba, The Washington Post - these big players have already got it right! We are not far away from a time when PWAs will be seen as an Application Development Standard, rather than an exemption. 

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