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7 things we do to make our clients happy

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Real Prad A,Chief Executive Officer

SayOne is about to commemorate it's 4th anniversary. It has been a wonderful journey so far. It had its share of ups and downs and the happy thing is we were enjoying the ride, happily. 

All through these years, we were asked one simple question. How are you getting projects? To put it differently, how SayOne survives?

Yes, we are getting projects. Repeated projects and referral projects.  Most of our clients are happy to refer SayOne to their friends and colleagues. But, we never asked that fundamental question WHY: We never tried to find why are our clients willing to refer SayOne, until our mentor asked us to do so.

We knew that there is something that our clients value in SayOne. But, articulating that ‘something’ is the most difficult task for any startup. We put our heads together on this and identified some points. These are the points that we feel our clients value, may be our clients see some other values. 


1. Python 

We embraced  Python as our platform  and we decided that we will not go back with regard to technologies. Our decision to focus solely on Python helped us gain expert level knowledge in that. Yes, we are Python people, Level : Experts. :)


2. No 'know it all attitude’  

Right from the beginning, we have been careful about getting rid of 'knowing it all attitude'. When something new comes to our notice, we are bold enough to say that ‘ we don’t know this, but, surely will learn it’. Our clients have taught us many things this way. They will come up with some thing new and we will learn it. Our clients are our greatest source of learning, both from a technology and a business point of view.


3. No over promising  

We never promise our customers that we can catch the moon. Before making a promise, we always do a feasibility study. If some thing is not feasible we will inform our customers the same and will help them find a better alternative. 


4. No surprises to the customer 

Everyone loves surprises but not when it is related to ones project. We give a lot of emphasis to planning and this helps us identify the blockers in advance. 


5. Emphasis to customer centric thinking

We give a lot of emphasis to thinking. Our developers think not only from our customers point of view, but, also from their end customer point of view. This helps us identify their true points and design solutions accordingly.


6. Quality

Quality forms our core value proposition. We strive to improve quality everyday. We deliver quality. Quality deliveries  make sure that our customers stay with us all along. 


7. Passionate team

SayOne is a bunch of passionate people. We love what we are doing. Our passion helps us take on challenges without fear. Its truly an exhilarating experience to work with a passionate team. 

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