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Ferose Ali,Software Engineer

Several years back, many inventions like smart phones, tablets etc have revolutionized the world by helping us to access the informations instantly. People depend on these for things like reading news & articles to shopping accessories & even groceries. Long wait for the pages to load has always been a problem until now. The tech giants Google and Facebook have decided to end up these frustrations by launching up their products AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages) & Instant Articles respectively.
So you might probably be thinking what AMP & Instant Articles are.


About AMP

People expect mobile web pages to load instantly and want it to be easy to explore. Though in reality, these web pages or videos take several seconds to load. Sometimes it fails to load and the user decides to disband their search. Google AMP is a solution to these problems as it improves loading speed, increases rankings of search engines, loads instantly and for mobile based business, it boosts bounce and conversation.

The publishing giants like Daily mail, BBC etc have joined their hands together with Google to make this reality a revolution and sensation. The idea of AMP is such that publishers as well as authors can create contents that will load instantly and these contents will be more mobile friendly and so with this vision google has created AMP HTML. This is an open source initiative and so it cuts mobile web page by including only the essential elements of that web page. AMP HTML is entirely built on existing web technologies. It achieves reliable performance by restricting some parts of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. These restrictions are enforced with a validator that ships with AMP HTML. To make up for those limitations AMP HTML defines a set of custom elements for rich content beyond basic HTML.

The main advantages of AMP is that it makes it easy for the user to engage with more content along with performance. It also enables the publishers to earn revenue from advertising.


About Instant Articles

Just like AMP, instant article opens pages about 10 times faster and thus keep up the expectations of people by making reading a high quality experience. It also allows the publishers to decide the matter to be published, include high resolution photos, auto play videos, interactive maps etc without much prolonged wait. It also helps them to automate workflow using RSS. Instant Articles is also an HTML5 document and it’s a separate tool that enhances articles when others share it on Facebook. When a person opens an article url on facebook, the link will be displayed as an instant article.

It is as easy as possible so that publishers can use it with existing Content Management Systems. It also allows them to reuse the code from their website and they can adopt instant articles without changing workflows and helps people to read and share without bothering about platforms or technology.

It has autoplay audio caption, optional customizations, photo locations, margins and FB Like & comment buttons. Updates and corrections are captured automatically, so that breaking news will up to date, thus sharing now is seamless on any platforms.