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You are what you believe!

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Jeny Alvin,HR Manager

I can do all things because I  believe I can. Oh yes- If you say you can you can! If you say you can not then you never can!!!


I know pretty well that It is very hard for us young professionals to accept some of the turning points in our lives. Especially if we have just started up our career. Month after Month, we find our self-stuck up in a career which we very much hate, we become arrogant and develop a tendency to shout towards others. Many of us are with an attitude -"I am not happy but I will do it because that is my fate, oh! what else can I do".


The main problem is that most of us are barely making enough money to make ends meet. We most of the time feel very much disappointed in our self-identity.  To put it bluntly, we simply are not happy with what we do to make a living. We wait by and watch the self-worth diminish and develop a feel "oh I am not able to do anything about it.


We all try to rationalize why we stay on this go-nowhere job. We say, "I have to stay because the economy around me is not up to the mark, I have to stay because I am born in so and so family, I'm afraid to leave, I am afraid of the uncertainty. It might take too long to find something else. So I am not trying"

So we continue to stay at a job that is simply not the right job. Aren't we wrong?


Have you ever wondered why, no matter how hard you try to make the most of this job, it simply cannot and will not be something you love to do? It's because we are working in a career that is NOT the career designed for us.


To be honest, we often feel stuck in these go-nowhere jobs. We convince ourselves that we need the benefits; it's not the right time to make any changes; maybe next year after..., then we'll start thinking about it, or perhaps after we...

If we continue to think this way, we will always be STUCK. We are stuck because we have no faith in anything.


Instead of being positive, being around positive minded people and listening to positive teachings, we listen to our self or to our friends and family who tell us to stay because, "Girlfriend, my sister was laid off and it took her 8 months to find a job."

And we all get scared.


Many of us take a chance and share with our best friends or family member about the dreams that we hold on and the things we want to do and cry before them telling I don’t have anyone to support me. Many of our friends laugh and say, "Girl, stop dreaming'."

It seems that the bigger you dream, the more they laugh at you and say your dreams are silly or simply ridiculous.

And you believe them.


Now, answer this. Why do you believe them and doesn't have faith in own abilities, interests and potentials which should say you can do all things? Why is it that we so often choose to believe our negative friends and family over our belief?


Many times, the people who are the closest to us, with good intention however misguided, stifle our dreams, hopes and desires. They aren't trying to be mean. Actually, they think they are helping by sparing us some disappointment. But what could be more disappointing than going to a job each day that makes us miserable?


Just a bit of Family and friends are usually the last person who support our dreams and desires. It's not that they do not love us, it's that they simply do not often respect the hopes, dreams and desires, they over care us and want to see their kids be safe without trying any risk. It not only happens to a few, but it happens to many as well.


Don't listen to negative minded people and friends. I am here to tell you, you can do and be anything you desire. You can and should live your life with a purpose. You can do whatever you believe you can do. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. The power is in the mind. The magic is in the believing.

If you believe, with all your heart, that you can do all things, then you CAN get a career in whatever it is you desire to do.


Now let me tell about myself. I knew very well the famous verse” I can do all things through the power that strengthens me”, but It was hard for me to believe when I was going through tough times, When people were against my views, when I hardly had anyone to support me, when I travelled through a path full of thrones and difficulties, a Voice that  I heard which  encouraged me and helped me to move forward in life was the voice which sounded  - “ you can do all things”, that was the same voice which motivated me and made my journey till here.

Fresh your mind up to start living your hopeful life with a purpose, There is a great big purpose for your life, and relax back and watch how much you are able to do.


If ever in your life you find yourself at the point where you are starting to doubt your ability to do something, just remember this one verse, "I can do all things."


Make it a practice. Make it a habit. When you wake up each morning, just say to yourself, "I can do all things."


When you find yourself at any point in life, turning back into your old habits or old routines, shout to yourself, "I can do all things."


If you make it into a practice every day, you will find yourself in the exact location which is designed exclusively for you in no time. A career which will help you serve others as well as yourself far more than you could ever imagine or do on your current job. You can live the life which you intended to live.

Be Happy, healthy and Stay Blessed always!!!

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