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Biggest Challenges The DevOps Face Today

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Wendy Dessler,Guest Contributor

Innovation is moving incredibly fast and is something that is affecting many aspects of our everyday lives. One of the areas that is impacted the largest by innovation is business. Innovations in business technology have made operations more cost-effective, efficient, and streamlined.

However, innovation is about more than just new and updated technology. Everything from processes to methodologies and ideologies can be innovated and improved. One of these innovations that has been gaining steam in the business world recently is DevOps. DevOps is a combination of development and operations and has the goal of shortening the development lifecycle. DevOps also automates the processes between development and operations teams to create, test and launch software much faster and more reliably.

While the DevOps methodology is great and can lead to better and more efficiently-released software, there are also some challenges. With that in mind, this article is going to look at some of the biggest challenges facing DevOps in 2018 and beyond.

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A Lack of Experience and Expertise in the Space

One of the single biggest challenges in the space is people simply having a lack of experience when it comes to DevOps practices. Because it is a fairly new idea compared to many traditional ones, many workers may lack the necessary skills to make DevOps viable. In fact, surveys have shown that around 60% of employees aren’t receiving the necessary training

To address that concern, companies who plan to utilize DevOps in their operations should provide the necessary training programs for employees. These can be done in-house, but there are also several DevOps training programs that can make things easy. If you do not want to train, you should consider hiring people with previous experience in DevOps.

Also, thankfully there are many tools (like some of the ones offered by Stackify) that can help learn about DevOps. However, these tools can also be a challenge in their own right, and we will touch on that later in the blog post.


Difficulty in Changing Organizational Structure

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Another challenge faced when implementing DevOps is how complex many organizations are. Many companies (especially those with relatively large IT teams) have an established hierarchy. Not only is this how people are used to operating, but it has also been designed specifically for traditional development practices. 

Changing this built-in structure is not easy, and many employees might not respond well to massive changes to title, role, and operation. Thankfully, there is a way around this. DevOps experts recommend starting with implementing DevOps practices in small-scale instances. Once these smaller teams start to see and recognize the benefits of DevOps, it will be easier to scale up implementation to more team members 


Using Brand New Tools

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When you are just getting into adopting DevOps, all of the flashy and fancy tools can be very enticing. While using a few is fine, you want to avoid using them for every small problem and become completely reliant on them. If you completely rely on certain tools, you will find yourself in trouble if they ever stop updating or pivot to a different use. 

In addition to that, every time you start to use a new tool, employees need to be trained in it and become comfortable using it, which can often take a lot of time. Focusing on the team over tools is very important and processes should be set in place before adopting tools, not creating processes around the tools. 

A Change in the Process

Many companies have certain processes set in stone that they have used for years and are comfortable with. DevOps can often throw a huge wrench into those processes and will bring two distinct teams with their own processes (IT and operation) together. This can lead to some conflict and collaboration issues. 

Also, if teams like to just follow procedures and guidelines when working, DevOps will be a challenge for them. There is no set or fixed framework, which can be challenging for certain teams to handle if they are not used to that much freedom. However, this can also be a huge positive for certain teams as it can empower them.

In conclusion, hopefully, this article has helped you understand and be able to overcome some of the most common DevOps challenges of today.

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