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Contemporary social media hustle!

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Heera Hariharan,Software Engineer

Social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter etc. have made a deep impact in the modern world in every sector. Be it be in the entertainment sector or advertisement sector, the social media have proven to be an integral factor. Similarly politics and religion are two other major spheres of public life that seem to be deeply affected by the social media.

Upon its introduction these social media platforms were mere tools among several others that allowed people to connect across the globe. From being such insignificant tools, most of the social media platforms have emerged to become powerful instruments in deciding the destiny of mankind. People around the globe began voicing their opinion about anything and everything via their social media profiles. Just like every other matter in this world, these opinions also have two sides to them. While some of these voices fought for their basic rights and freedom, others have been using media to spread hatred, blasphemy and insecurities. The latter side is a matter of great concern as the impact of social media is not limited to just a minor population. 

When people take to social media to express their views on all issues under the sun they often do so without even thinking about whether those views are suitable for the public or whether those views insult or hurt the sentiments of other people. In general, most people are negligent about what they blurt out in these social media platform. People tend to assert their views, which may be political, religious or any other form, to argue with people holding different views. It is the general behavior of human beings that they believe that whatever they say is right and everyone else is wrong. Then there are people blindly believing whatever they see on these platforms. To summarize, in today's world social media has a tremendous influence in the way people think and react to most of the social, economic, religious and political situations.

The adverse effect of the aforementioned influence is that, like in all other situations there are people who try to utilize the influence to promote their propaganda, as long as there are people who are dumb enough to follow and promote these so called liberators, activists, self made gods and jingoistic leaders. What the followers do not realize is that they are being dumb in public with the whole world watching and judging them. 

I remember and longs for the days when these social media were used to a much lighter mood. People posted statuses and photos about their personal lives and mind their own businesses. Alas those good old days of fun are gone. Today, I'm scared to post something even if it's a stupid photo of me which in turn may scare others. In doing so I may offend a guy's philosophy or hurt a girl's sentiments or God knows what other havoc I might be causing. The thing is that people get offended so easily these days, that too without a second thought. 

Well, I've gone too far, I've already written enough to reserve a place for me in hell for all the highly offensive things that I've mentioned in this piece of writing. I can already picture all those "good" people raising their voices against a sinner like me. Ho… poor me. I'm doomed! 

Still I'd like to tell the people who are sensible and wise enough not to get involved in this modern day hustle, "Hold on to your sensibility and wisdom for you are the last hope of humanity"

Declaimer: I don't like to apologize to those people whom I might have hurt in this article, that is, if they realize that the article is directed to them, I highly doubt it ;)

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