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Digital Workers - Your new age employee

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Unni Mohan,Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Workers - Your new age employee

Business Automation is changing the technological landscape of decisions making, customer services, promotions or administrative operations and a lot more. Every entity of businesses is making a paradigm shift in approach and execution and this includes restructuring of jobs by digital workers. They are automated smart bots designed to carry out a business task or activity which could range from a simple routine administrative task to processes that require cognitive thinking and analysis only to do them faster and more accurately.

How Do Digital Workers operate?

Run-of-the-mill software bots perform specific and routine workflows, while digital workers match the ingenuity of a human worker at a job and perform tasks that require a combination of skills and responsibility. For example, a digital worker tasked with updating the list of customers that made insurance claims will do a data extraction (routine task), identify the entity (cognitive function) in concern and report the entries (analytical function). A digital worker commissioned to perform such responsibilities can save an enterprise an immense amount of time and allows them to better utilize their human workforce in doing more ingenuine and creative tasks to enhance the individual and organizational potential. Thanks to Robotic Process Automation and sophisticated machine learning algorithms software bots can be made more human-centric than program centric.

How Digital Workers are shaping the workspace.

Digital workers are revolutionizing the workspace, more organizations are recognizing the benefits of digital workers in enhancing the contribution of human employees and opting for human-machine collaboration. A growing number of businesses have digital workers share the workspace with human employees in sectors like retail, banking, talent sourcing, etc and this will be the reality of high-performing enterprises. It also will lead to a growing ecosystem of system integrators, developers and clerks, etc that will operate with little to no supervision.

How to Hire a digital worker?

Determine the process for which you need to hire the digital worker and see that it is a rule-based decision-making task and not a judgment based, after all, it's a robot at the end of the day. If the process is prone to human errors and repetitive, Voila! It needs a digital worker. Ensure that the process it has to do is clearly defined cause unlike a human employee who can speak up when something is wrong, the digital counterpart will keep on doing what it is told while producing unintended results.

Co-existence is the key

It is about making the best of the capabilities of both humans and machines, when machine’s bring speed, accuracy, performance and volume to the table, humans bring creativity, ingenuity and empathy in the work they do and such co-existence between intelligent machines and humans will shape the digital transformation of the industry. A divide exists between enterprises those who are diving deep and embracing every wave of this digital transformation and the other who prefers human innovation over automation and the winners will be those who make the best of both possibilities and capabilities of human innovation and machine automation.


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