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Girls, fall in love with coding!

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Vipul Vishnu,Software Engineer

Women are pious, women are energy, but can they code? Researchers have found out that code written by women was approved at a higher rate (78.6%) than code written by men (74.6%). Still the rate of women programmers all over the world seems to be very few in numbers when compared with the men crew. This is notwithstanding the fact that the earliest programmer in the world is believed to have been a woman, Ada Lovelace. Even as we delve deep into the causes and reasons for this dearth of women coders, it remains an unsolved mystery.


Given such a scenario, it would be fruitful to get into action than futilely research into the reasons. This is exactly where SayOne got to play a vital role. SayOne along with the Django Girls community recently took the lead in ushering in teams of spirited girls into the coding floor. The epoch making event was organized on July 2nd, 2016 in the picturesque city of Kochi, affectionately called the Queen of Arabian Sea and which is a growing hub of technological innovations in the emerald South Indian state of Kerala.



The event kicked off with a technical workshop in Django - Python featuring over 10 well experienced Django Programmers. They were the designated coaches for a large community of talented girls who were selected from the cream of South Indian colleges. The NASSCOM Warehouse Auditorium in Kochi Infopark, wonderfully decorated by our awesome volunteers, became the venue of the program. The girls were trained in Python, Django, Git and other prominent web developing tools and got their programming baptism in live individual projects. The program turned out to be a massive success with the support of Sayone Technologies and Tasty Spots who were aided by a big crew of volunteers and enthusiastic organizers. It was indeed tough filtering out 30 charming developers from a list of over 150 applicants. 


We came across several passionate women programmers from various parts of the state that were keen to immerse themselves in the programming culture. They eloquently showed us that programming, nay, technology itself has nothing to do with sporting a beard and moustache. It is as much in the domain of women as it is of men’s. In fact the former is man enough, rather woman enough, to any tackle any complex code. All that they needed was some encouragement and guidance to take the crucial next step. The program was embellished by photo booth sessions and a warm presentation ceremony wherein gifts were handed out to the cuties.



Unlike usual events, this program did not wind up with the day. It was just a beginning. The participants were grouped together in forums i.e. groups for their tech and career related queries in prominent platforms like Slack to avail of 24*7 support hereafter. It must be stated that in this industry, it is imperative to be amazing at one thing rather than mediocre at several. We could sense the enhanced confidence levels of the participants at the end of our event. On this occasion we salute all those pioneers and geniuses from the past and present who strove to make technology better. Their yeoman contribution has changed the world like no one before them. We wish every woman coder who attended this event be a part of changing the world and make their indelible mark here as well. As organizers we are sure that those women will add tremendous grace to the programming world in the years to come. Django Girls rock!

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