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Which is a better framework - Django Oscar or PHP Magento?

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Anoop Antony,Software Engineer

Let us examine two of the most popular ecommerce frameworks used in web development, Magento and Oscar.


Magento is a widely used PHP framework for eCommerce websites. It is an open source technology providing platform that offers control over the functionality, look and content of online stores. Magento uses Zend PHP and MySQL database. It has a very large community and is highly scalable. Adding functionalities is made easier via a good plug-in system. Both community and enterprise editions support mobile devices extremely well.

Nike, Samsung and Lenovo are some of the leading users of Magento. 

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Django Oscar

Oscar is an eCommerce framework based on Django used for building domain-driven applications. It has flexibility baked into its core so that complicated requirements can be elegantly captured.  It has extensible core i.e. any class can be overridden, replaced and extended. It provides well-designed set of modules for both large and small projects. 

Tata Group, Chocolate Box, Carlsberg, Meridian Audio and Dolbeau have used Oscar for development.

Django Oscar Dashboard

It can be easily plugged-in as a Django app and integrated with other apps for extending functionalities. Being developed over Django it already possesses the advantages of Django. If you are an experienced Django developer you can completely customize Oscar's codebase according to your needs.


  • Handles any product type including downloadable products, subscriptions and child products.
  • Customizable products.
  • Large catalogue support. Oscar is used in production by sites with more than 20 million products.
  • Multiple fulfilment partners for the same product.
  • A range of merchandising blocks for promoting products throughout your site.
  • Sophisticated offers that support virtually any kind of offer you can think of - multi-buys, bundles, buy X get 50% off Y etc
  • Vouchers (built on top of the offers framework)
  • Comprehensive dashboard that replaces the Django admin completely
  • Support for complex order processing such split payment orders, multi-batch shipping and order status pipelines.
  • Extension libraries available for many payment gateways including PayPal, GoCardless and DataCash.

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A large number of developers are using Django to build ecommerce websites. As your business grows you will have to scale your website and services and Django offers great scalability compared to Magento, it may take time but it will be worthwhile. Here are some pros and cons. 


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