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Find your way inside any venue with indoor maps!

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Real Prad A,Chief Executive Officer

Today’s world is surging ahead at a breakneck pace. As we move ahead in such a hurried world, we also need to keep pace with it to reach our physical destinations faster. Indoors or outdoors, is quite common for us to spend an enormous amount of time trying to figure out directions to the destination office upon visiting an office complex. The buildings are often humongous and location is hardly a cakewalk. The problem is compounded if we have to pay visits to multiple buildings, not to mention washrooms, kiosks and resource centers. The plight is not confined to offices alone but also other complexes we frequent like malls, airports, hospitals, exhibition halls, factories, universities, stadia, convocation centers and such. It is fairly easy tracking down a building we want to go to but once inside it we are faced with the daunting task of working our way out of the maze. We cannot avoid disturbing at least one person and asking her for directions to the place we are going to. There is a half chance that we are guided right too. 


In office complexes we encounter companies that work in multi-storey buildings which add to the dilemma. Indoor mapping solutions address the problem of finding and reaching different locations in such an office. For example imagine you are in a hospital and you want to go to the pharmacy or laboratories which are possibly located in non-prime locations within the building. Navigation to those areas is well nigh impossible without seeking assistance from several people who are not necessarily paid to do the task.




Fortunately there is a solution to this problem, right at your fingertips. This is what indoor maps are about. 

Solving the problem poses an important challenge though, that of data security. The moment we use an aggregator for our indoor mapping and navigation solution, we are giving away our vital data to them. A custom-built indoors map for your organization on the other hand will not compromise on data security. The data that its users create will reside with you. Plus you are not at a risk of your data landing in the lap of third parties who might use it undesirably. 

Indoor maps can be tools for communication too. Beacons can be used as platforms not just to navigate but also to communicate with the people passing by. It assumes more sense in a shopping mall or exhibition hall or airport where it would be necessary to communicate with the people who are present elsewhere in the same venue. All relevant information can be pushed to the users through beacons.

The data that the users generate is valuable for your business. It resides with you. You can use the data intelligently to improve your business instead of letting somebody else making use of your data. In summation, indoor maps are here to stay for the following salient benefits they present to the user.


  • Custom indoor mapping and navigation making businesses easily accessible to customers.
  • Wide usage in airports, malls, hospitals, exhibition halls, super/hypermarkets and universities.
  • Your data is in your hands, safe.
  • Let the map communicate with your customers 
  • The power of data analytics

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