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How RPA improves Employee Engagement

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Akhil Sundar,Senior Software Engineer

RPA is business efficiency with employee engagement

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the application of software bots to carry out these daily repetitive tasks of an organization.Humans have been carrying out the mundane, repetitive, and monotonous tasks such as filling timesheets, filing tax returns, reading and writing data, etc. that yield the same result every time, but the job is tiring, time-consuming and never fulfilling. As per Gartner, the RPA market share saw a surge of 63% in 2018, this is by far the highest for any enterprise software. The digital transformation of businesses and enterprises is the main reason for this adoption of RPA across industries. 

Following are the ways RPA improves employee engagement:

Freeing up employees to do higher-value tasks 

The prime intention is to free employees from the mundanity at the job and give them the time to do work of higher value, both for the organization as well as the employee. For example, an employee can spend the time he used to spend on gathering data from various systems, then actually analyzing the data to generate results of higher value. This develops a sense of satisfaction and self-motivation in contrast to the fatigue of carrying out repetitive tasks.

An employee can do more in less time

When RPA does the job of copying, accessing, and presenting data from 10 various systems, the employee can focus better on processing the data and the expected result. In the normal course of work, an employee would've been able to serve one client request, but with RPA he can serve more clients with greater efficiency. 

Freedom from risk

RPA bots do not function in a cause and effect manner, with AI and ML, the RPA bots come with analytical processing to understand the responsibility of the implications of the task it is handling. Due to this RPA bots are designed to reduce the frequency of errors in some cases zero percent, while humans are more prone to make mistakes while doing repetitive tasks. This frees employees from the fear of making mistakes and feels more liberated to do their job. This contributes in two ways, it gives an organization operational accuracy and focussed employees both.

Save your Employees from Irate Customers

RPA can provide customer assistance with a near human-like response of far greater efficiency and calmness. Dealing with an impatient and irate customer who is difficult to convince and expects the right responses for his questions, this can get psychologically exhausting for an employee. RPA bots can give the customers the precise response they want to hear in the first-time without any trial and error.

An engaged employee is a productive employee, RPA is primarily a business efficiency tool, and the employee engagement that is offered is a by-product that comes with its implementation. Industry 4.0 enterprise workspace will be a mix of employees and RPA bots, sharing and delegating responsibilities to create an efficient and high-value workspace. And looking at the current trends we will have a workspace where there will be one robot every employee.

RPA bots are the best gift you can give to your business and its employees for greater success. Get in touch with us for free insights.

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