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How slack changed our communication at SayOne

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Anu M Conston,QA Engineer

Can we call technology a blessing in disguise? Of course one shall never deny that. Once we thought of having all discussions seated from our place, Google, Yahoo came up with chat. When things had to be discussed technically, forums were formed, for knowledge sharing share-points were formed, if you had to wish someone, you had to look for websites with cards. Though all these are essential, yet most of them are commercial. In this fast paced world, everyone needs something simple, more hierarchical and personal.  We thought of an “Internal Communication” tool which would satisfy all these aspects in a professional environment and also to keep our organization lively.  


Yes, we got our one stop solution - “Slack” an Internal Communication tool within SayOne. Slack brings the idea of clustering all the team communication in one place, instantly searchable, available wherever you go and an effective internal messaging system between individuals and the team. Slack is loaded with so many things and “Every little thing counts.” Most conversations are organized into channels and one can create his/her own channel like: 


Knowledge Sharing

We follow the principle of “Knowledge increases by sharing and not by saving” If you come across something new; you can share it with the Team.  

English Buzz

Sharing a new word everyday along with the synonym, to help improve vocabulary.

I’m Trapped

If you are trapped with technical issues, to post your problems and to find solution from your internal experts. 

Friday Fun

This channel decides what makes our team happy – By conducting team activities or how about “Minute to win”? 

We have our own stations which help us to take one step ahead each day. Slack’s mission is to “make your working life simpler, more pleasant and more productive.” Besides all these channels, we also have private groups to have confidential chats. All these will be visible to users who are invited to that group. We find Slack to be more convenient and interactive among the team members, everything is getting better under one roof. 


The days of Pigeon Post is over and now we are into the family of Slack


From Individual Communication to Group Communication

People want to be involved and informed.  We do something new and that moment is captured in slack through a message or an image.


Multiple Channels

Channels are for conversations that are open to the entire team. We have personalised channels to keep track of stuff happening around us. And slack is also spiced with Private and Direct Message.

Sharing issues up the line

Successful communication also involves sharing issues from the surface to the very top. This ensures quick action by responding to the issues and making decisions about follow-up steps needed to get rid of that.

With Slack we can shape the future every single day...

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