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Insights into hybrid apps!

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Sreejith VS,Software Engineer

What are hybrid apps?

Unlike native apps, Hybrid apps uses web technologies such as HTML, CSS and javascript for writing the code. The main difference is the hybrid apps are wrapped inside a native application which uses a webview.


Why hybrid apps

  • If you want to get something done very fast, hybrid is your answer.
  • If you want to implement your idea in different platforms at once or in a short span of time, you should choose hybrid app.
  • If you have less number of developers (or if have only web developers), you must consider hybrid apps.



  • We need not want to republish the app through app stores for an update
  • Need less time
  • Web developers can do the magic
  • Require fewer budgets


Native Vs Hybrid

Native apps are best if you are bothered about the performance and security. But since the end user is the kind, he does not feel much difference at the end of the day. The native apps take more time to implement whereas we can implement the apps for all platforms within 2-3 months with hybrid apps.


Cordova / PhoneGap


Cordova is the most popular wrapper which wraps the hybrid apps into native apps with use of webviews and is responsible for loading the codes (HTML, CSS, javascript) in the webview when the app gets started. Several plugins are available for Cordova for accessing native features.


Ionic framework


The Ionic framework uses Cordova and adds UI frameworks which have native like UI designs which help you to implement Native like designs. The latest Ionic framework version is the Ionic 2 which is built on top of Angular2.




Instead of javascript you can use TypeScript for coding. TypeScript is a free and open source language developed by Microsoft which is actually a typed superset of javascript.



In conclusion native apps have the best performance, high security and the best user experience. But if you want to build it faster or if you want to release the app as early as possible your best option is hybrid app. As a product owner, you may want to start the marketing of your product as soon as possible or you may want your product to hit the market first or you may want to release the product to gather the response from the users. In all these cases you can go with hybrid since it is cost effective and requires less time. And as the business grows you can change it to native for better performance and greater security.

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