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Integration of Lightspeed PoS for a Retail Customer!

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Sandeep Balagopal,Sr Software Engineer

Lightspeed is a leader in Point of Sale (PoS) products for retail stores and restaurants. Its tools are specifically designed to help business owners managing single to multiple locations. The Lightspeed API enables customers to access everything within their Lightspeed Retail account. It enables them to extract and update data in order to create custom reports, enhance functions in their Point of Sale and create custom integrations to other solutions. It provides tools to connect the customer’s LightSpeed Retail Point of Sale to every other facet of their business. 

Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale is a cloud-based PoS solution leveraging the power of inventory, analytics, integrated supplier catalogs and advanced mobile and multi-store tools. It is flexible and has fast capabilities for API integration.  Therefore it is no wonder that several customers around the world have used LightSpeed API for app development. Protein for Pets is one such happy customer. 

Protein for Pets is a major seller of food and accessories for dogs and cats, based in southern California. Protein for Pets had 14 stores catering to pet needs via store purchases. They had a Lightspeed  PoS in place enabling consolidated inventory management. But when Protein for Pets decided to go online, SayOne Technologies was the partner they entrusted that task with.  

SayOne came up with an online solution employing Python and Django technologies to address the problem of customer reach. The website featured an ecommerce system making use of Cayan payment gateway that enabled customers to order items from home or remote locations and also get the items delivered to their desired locations. A feature called Ambassador enabled users of the site to become registered ambassadors of Protein for Pets who made other users purchase from the site and also net in revenues for themselves.  A chat feature was implemented by which customers could seek instant customer care solutions. Tracking of deliveries was made smoother through a Dashboard accessible by the staff of Protein for Pets. 

The PoS for Protein for Pets was made possible by integrating with Lightspeed, while factoring in analytics like pet behavior and characteristics. This resulted in direct benefits for the former like  



  • Customer could push products, quantities, and pricing data from their POS to eCommerce.
  • Customer could update Commerce in real time with products and quantities.
  • Customer could look at a single inventory of online and store sales.
  • Better Search Engine Optimization, Registration and Social Media integration.
  • Syncing of orders and customers, items and inventory and also customer details was possible.


SayOne built its custom application and integration on top of Lightspeed platform by offering a way to read and write data to and from Lightspeed Server.The Lightspeed PoS for Protein for Pets enables a customer visiting the site to access any of the 14 store locations and make a purchase from there. This led to 45 % increase in sales for Protein for Pets in 6 months.  

Whether customer is a small business with a single web store or a major corporation with numerous divisions and locations, SayOne Technologies has the capability to provide the perfect Lightspeed integration solution to streamline the management of the customer’s business.



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