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A peek into the world of Internet of Things!

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Thomas John,Associate Software Engineer

What is IOT?

Imagine a world where all devices, equipments and even our surroundings including homes, workplaces, roads, etc are connected together. Everything will be under a single communicating network to ease our lives. The door unlocks by itself when you reach your home and the air conditioner turns on when you get into your private room.  An alarm schedules your timings according to your daily schedules keeping in mind of your health and a kitchen boiler prepares you a hot coffee when you work late at night.  


Why IOT?

The need of IOT is to bring about utmost simplicity and easiness in our daily lives. It can reduce extra human effort and thereby human errors, manage most of the things implicitly and increase the efficiency which can increase productivity. It can be extensively applied in our life - homes, automobiles, offices, health, education and roads. 


How does it work?

Everything is independent, then why do they not have an unique identity? What makes its identity? 
Well, IP is the answer. Everything is given a unique IP address. Each device or object is connected to the internet using this IP. According to studies,IPv4 is not sufficient for all and IPv6 is more than enough to provide an IP for this huge some.


What industries make use of IOT?

Home automation 

Electrical and electronic home appliances can be smartly assigned using   IOT technology so that human efforts and care required in operating them can be reduced. A home theater which automatically reduces the volume and pauses your favorite movie when your boss rings your phone and a sprinkler with sensors to detect soil moisture that can quench the thirst of your garden roses when you are on tour are examples of home automation to bring about appreciable changes in our daily lives


Industrial automation

This is an area generating keen interest and large investments. The internet has created a big revolution from its birth and turning out to be revolutionary with IOT. Just as the internet created a big change in banking machineries which need precise and dangerous handling can be automated using IOT in industries like mines, shipping and other manufacturing units. IOT-handled logistics with an intelligent algorithm can reduce expenditure on lazy supervisors and can enhance uninterrupted manufacturing processes and earn more profits considering all working conditions, labor and inventory. 


IOT platforms

IOT platforms are those essentials required to implement or support IOT. Some platforms are concerned about application enablement for IOT and focus on external interfaces such as API’s and SDK’s that act as interface systems for 3rd party systems such as ERP and CRM. Analytics, Data Science, Databases, Data visualizations are other strong foundations for IOT developments. Some focuses on additional tools and skills required for prototyping, reporting and management for devices and status updates and deployment procedures. Connectivity and normalization for ensuring object connectivity and handling harmonized data formats are also key matters of concern. 

Energy management

Intelligent lighting system in your highways and rooms, a highway light that lights only when a vehicle nears it and turns off at unnecessary times, intelligent thermostats in heaters, refrigerators and machines to maintain energy conservation from its grass root level are cases in point. A smart vehicle carburetor can reduce unnecessary fuel flow according to the roads and traffics jams if the vehicle is connected to all its nearby vehicles and traffic signals and able to gauge the depth of the block and time for vehicle to move.


Connected cities

IOT can offer transformations for cities by improving its infrastructure and creating more efficient and cost effective municipal services. It can play a large role in finding solutions for public transport enhancement and traffic congestion control techniques. Smart water and electricity supply and easy home deliveries can be made possible.  


iot possibilities


What is IOT concerned about?


Everything is connected to a network means heightened need for security among them. Data security should be ensured since it deals a greater extent with personal lives and industrial lives along with national safety. 



Every system should be able to communicate with each other in efficient means to attain maximum yield and ultimate goals. Protocols should be designed and handled to be more effective and efficient to attain maximum output.



IOT does not have a life if connectivity is not available and so dedicated networks and internet for all is must. More care should be taken to enable high speed uninterrupted network services with high speed internet. 


Which are the popular technology stacks for IOT?

Programming languages which flourish in IOT are:

Top IOT protocols are:

  • MQTT : It is a lightweight machine to machine connectivity protocol 
  • HTTP  : It is an application protocol for distributed, collaborative, hypermedia information systems

Supporting OS is Linux and cloud services are:

SayOne which is a leading Python company in India and has a dedicated team working in the same has adapted well to the IOT trends. IOT requires strong data science background in handling Big Data and Data Analytics. We have a Big Data team strong with Hadoop which is a powerful tool, Sayone has experienced of projects implementing IOT for popular apps like the intelligent shopping assistant beCo.

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