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React - The king of cross platform technologies

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Thomas John,Associate Software Engineer

Planning to launch your app in a flash? React Native is the right technology for you. React Native is a framework for building native mobile apps using React and Javascript. React, the king of  Javascript, extends its kingdom from web development to mobile development.

Where is React Native used?

Do you have a million dollar idea? Are you running short on time? Then React Native is the solution for you. It can be deployed on both android and ios. 


Why is React Native popular?

From the developer perspective, React sticks to the principle “Learn once, Write anywhere ”. Thus it attracts a big number of developers and companies. A React developer can innovate his ideas both in web applications and mobile applications. It will be a great stepping stone for experienced javascript developers to switch from the web to mobile without much sweat. From a company perspective, React can be used on web and mobile ends and thereby reducing human effort. Its increased code reusability can help them to deliver the projects in a short span of time. And most importantly, React match up with the performance of native applications and there is no compromise on quality. Facebook, Instagram, Myntra etc, some of the popular React Native apps running on both iOS and android. All the above features make React the king of cross-platform technologies. 


How does it work?

React Native uses the popular javascript library, React, and hence the codebase doesn't look much different from a normal React web apps. React Native replaces web components of React with its own mobile components which almost follow a similar structure as javascript project. React Native library has its own components for most of the requirements and third party packages are available for the rest. The code written in js is then compiled to native code base. When other cross-platform frameworks like Cordova and Phonegap render a webview just like a web browser, React Native creates a native app itself.


Future of React Native

React Native is flourishing like its parent React. It has strong support from its creator, Facebook. Moreover, it is a well-accepted library among the developers due to its added advantages and benefits. Since it's a newborn baby, it is in its phase of evolution right now. The components and performances are updated regularly hence it may demand some quick learning from developers in this initial stage. And the learning equips to create a better world. 

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