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Revival of a long lost habit

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Hari Sankar,Software Engineer

There are some people who may not be very close to you but influences you in their own way. I’m fortunate enough to meet a lot of such people and to have gained some sort of positive energy from them in one way or another. This piece of writing is the outcome of such an influence.


It’s been a long time since I wrote something other than exams and assignments. The ugly truth, I haven’t written a single meaningful thing in the last five years. For someone like me who used to write a lot, it is a great loss. When I was in school, I used to write, mostly about things that I found intriguing and I used to keep them to myself. It’s been five years since I left school. Five years through which my transformation from a boy to a man occurred. I’ve grown out of my cocoon, my mind and spirit. I’ve moved out of my comfort zone. I’ve changed. I’ve allowed my thoughts to expand as much as it could. I’ve seen people, met people, and made friends, gained knowledge and wisdom from them, enjoyed with them. I’ve experienced various joys, the joy of sharing and togetherness, the joy of getting appreciated, the joy of making someone happy in their troubled times, the joy of falling in love, the joy of making your mom smile, the joy of riding your motorcycle in the rain, the joy of a cup of coffee at 4.30am with friends. I’ve learned to appreciate simple things for they define the beauty of life. My field of interests have changed. My view about the world have changed. I’ve lived through some drastic times and some beautiful times. I’ve learned that the life isn’t is a bed of roses. I met someone special who looks at me like I’m magic, someone who accepts me and appreciates me as I am, with whom I can be myself. Through these five years I’ve gained many things but lost something as well or I’ve left behind something. One such thing was my habit of writing. I was so preoccupied with other things in life that I forgot to write, something I used to be good at or at least I thought I was. But here I am, reviving my habit with immense pleasure. 


As I mentioned earlier this is the result of the stimulus from a man who told me that I could still write. He told me that I’m not the kid I used to be, that I’ve experiences of a lifetime that I gained in my days of engineering, a fact that even I kept unexplored. When he told me to write, the first thought that came to my mind was “what shall I write about? Is it still in me?” And on this fine evening when I sat down to write I’ve overcome that confusion too. I thought I shall write about me, what I’ve become and why I started to write again. With each line I write I’m enjoying myself. I’m realising that I could do it again. I’ll write again, this is a promise I make to myself. Not for anyone else but for me, about things that catch my eyes for I’m seeing a whole new world. As I conclude I thank that man who motivated me to write. I’m not revealing his name for his privacy may be valuable to him but as he reads this he’ll smile and that is enough as there is nothing great that bringing a smile on someone’s face.  

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