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SayOne - Top 30+ Artificial Intelligence Companies in 2020

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Unni Mohan,Digital Marketing Manager

The dynamics of modern-day business and the continually evolving technology landscape are closely intertwined. SayOne's deep rooted understanding of  how the right technology and its implementation can help your business engine to function in a direction that benefits your customers as well as your business. It's for these qualities, SayOne Technologies is ranked among the Top 30+ Artificial Intelligence Companies in 2020 by Techreviewer.

Artificial Intelligence has emerged as one of the most decisive technologies of this decade, and it is bit by bit revolutionizing how we shop, travel, and do business in general. Our Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics solutions aim to take out the intuition and give a data-driven approach to business decision making. 


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The Techreviewer is a connoisseur of technology reviews. It provides well-curated reviews and lists of technology companies operating in various domains offering a wide pool of solutions and services. Techreviewer acts as a platform for businesses to know more about technology companies to help them choose the right company suited for their project. 

SayOne was established in 2011 as a custom software development company. Integrating emerging technologies with business solutions has been the core strategy of our business portfolio. This strategy has helped us in delivering upscale software products and services to our clients spread across the globe. And precisely this has led us to be recognized by the research and analytics agency, as the Top 30+ Artificial Intelligence Companies in 2020.


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" We count on our client’s success. We are driven by the fact that we want to change the world – that’s the core purpose. We have a system where we take the number of people who use the client application, and we aim at increasing the number of app users because this adds value to our core purpose. "

                     - Real Prad, CEO SayOne Technologies


It is a matter of great pride and honor for us to be featured among the Top Artificial Intelligence Companies in 2020. We want to thank our clients and partners for the trust they have placed in us, and that has helped us to deliver more than expected.

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