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Top 5 Web Development Trends & Technologies of 2019

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Renjith Raj,Chief Technology Officer

Any business, big or small, online or offline, needs an online portal such as a website or application to establish their business credibility. As the years pass by, new trends and technologies are introduced in the market. And user expectations change.

Hence, it has become imperative to adapt to the changes. Understanding and executing new trends into your existing application strategy are the elixirs of sustainable business growth.

In this blog, we narrow down to the top 5 web development trends and technologies of 2019, which will act the major game-changers in the coming years.

Trend #1 Motion UI for Increased User Engagement


The average human attention span is at its lowest in the present scenario. It’s a true fact that we cannot be attentive for more than 8 seconds. If you are in the online business world, then you do know the importance of holding your customer’s attention. It directly impacts your sales and Returns on Investment (ROI). 

Videos have a seemingly higher ability to capture the user’s attention. In a similar way, motion UI is a collection of a number of elements, helping the visitor understand various actions or concepts within the website/application. There can be texts, lines, shapes, illustrations, 3D graphics, video and so on. All these elements work together to keep the visitor engaged during their time on the website.

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Trend #2 Flutter for Native Apps


Google Flutter is a major path breaker in cross-platform application arena. Instead of offering native-like apps, Flutter builds the perfect native apps in a shorter time. Since its inception, Flutter is definitely picking up its pace and popularity among users worldwide. It has gone from ~6500 Github stars to 35,000 in just a year.

After the release of Flutter 1.0 on December 4th by Google, we have seen more heads turn towards the portable UI toolkit. The usage of Dart has grown 10 times with the Flutter in the market. Flutter 1.0 has got some incredible partnerships with Firebase, Square, and Codemagic. Their community is growing day by day and is on its way to beat React Native.

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Trend #3 Serverless Computing for High Scalability


In the year 2019 and beyond, a serverless architecture is designed to create a drastic impact with its high scalability features in limited costs. According to the RightScale 2018 State of the Cloud report, serverless computing is the number one growing cloud service with a growth rate of 75%.


Satya Nadella, CEO at Microsoft, says that “Serverless computation is going to fundamentally change not only the economics of what is back-end computing, but it’s going to be the core of the future of distributed computing”. Also, stats indicate that the market has been dominated by Amazon, IBM, and Google till the date. Moving forward, we will see more companies adopting a serverless architecture for effective application management. 

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Trend #4 Voice Search Optimization for SEO


Voice search optimization is the future of SEO and business growth. As users’ find it more convenient, voice-based search inquiries are increasing in number day by day. Almost 60% of prospective customers use voice search to find business information and land on a website based on their search query. According to Global Web Index, 1 out of 5 adults use mobile voice search at least once in a month. 


The voice search rates are growing tremendously every year. Google Home, Amazon Echo/Alexa, Google Assistant, iPhone Siri, etc., are few of the leading names in the voice search device category. The market has grown 187% in Q2 of 2018. It is estimated that, by 2024, the global market could be worth $30 billion.  In 2019, businesses, which focus on inbound sales, mandatorily need to optimize their website for voice search for competitive advantage. 

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Trend #5 Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for Faster Rendering


The faster your page loads, the lesser are the chances of users abandoning your website and moving on. Reports state that a delay of 1 second can decrease conversions by 7 percent. In this context, Accelerated Mobile Pages have lightened up our hopes with its instant loading feature. Furthermore, Google strongly considers AMP for search results and encourages webmasters to adopt AMP. 

As we step into 2019, we will see a wider adoption of AMP in the online world. Pioneers such as CNBC, The Guardian, etc., have already implemented AMP to their website realizing its importance. If earlier AMP was seen as an add-on benefit, then today they present a new web development standard. It is no longer used only by publishers and media houses, more businesses are seen to step up their online game with AMP. 


Apart from the above-mentioned trends and technologies, the latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality (AR/VR) and others like Single Page Applications (SPAs) will also continue to shape application strategies in 2019. However, the top 5 web development trends and technologies have already been presented to you. Now, it is the time for the change. 

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