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What Can You Do with Python?

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Hena Kabeer,Digital Marketing Executive

When Guido van Rossum ideated on Python, he was looking for a better alternative to the existing server-side programming languages. As time progressed, Python topped the others with its niche capabilities. Today, we surely know that Python is a versatile programming language with a wide variety of uses. 

Now, why is Python in demand? What are the opportunities? 

Whether you are a novice who has just learned Python or a business looking forward to exploring the language, there are abundant opportunities for both of you. In this blog, let us summarize some of those prominent uses of Python. 

Things you can do with Python

Web Development

Since its inception, Python has been largely used for web development. The use of a well-defined framework eases the job by helping with common backend logic. When it comes to choosing a proper framework, Django is one of the robust frameworks that can be used with Python. Its lightning-fast development feature is a definite benefactor for Python web development

Enterprise App Development 

The multiple-programming paradigms of Python have captured the attention of the big boys in the industry. Some examples of enterprises using Python are Google, Instagram, and Spotify. For the tech giant Google, Python is one of their core server-side programming languages. The popular social media platform, Instagram, uses Python for its simplicity. At Spotify, back-end and data analysis are executed using Python. 

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Mobile Development

While mobile apps have become imperative to establish an online presence, everyone is looking for a language that is ‘do more with less’ type. In this aspect, Python is quite compatible with mobile development. Apart from offering benefits like simplicity, easy learning curve, Python can run on any operating system. It has a set of tools such as iOS and Android templates, Toga, VOC, etc., helping both the developers and system administrators. 

Data Science

Machine learning, data analysis, and data visualization - Python can be used to do all the three. We have already seen that Python is used for data analysis at Spotify. There are many machine learning frameworks and libraries devoted to Python. The popular ones are TensorFlow and Scikit-learn. For data analysis and visualization, the popular Python library in use is Matplotlib. 

Digital Transformation

Yes, you just heard me right. Call it blue-sky thinking or however you would term it, I believe that Python is a game-changing programming language with its wings spread almost everywhere. In this regard, transforming your existing business models with modern digital capabilities is a catwalk for Python. By deploying Python to spearhead your digital transformation initiatives, interoperability standards and cost-overheads are undoubtedly under your control. 

Final Thoughts 

The above-given pointers form an overview of Python capabilities. From building small scale business apps to developing complex enterprise apps, Python has proven its existence in the software development arena for quite a long time. For these reasons, most of our clients’ projects are executed using Python in the backend. 

As a majority of the customers demand a rapid application development model for accelerated business growth, Python has helped us to stay true to the word in terms of development speed. Another important fact is that Python also promotes automation. 

So, what to expect next?

In the coming years, there would be nothing that Python wouldn’t be capable of performing! 

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