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Why I hate New Year Resolutions and How it’s about to change

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Parvathy Nair,

I hate resolutions - mostly the ones that you make in the last weeks of December, happily follow through the first few weeks of January and conveniently ditch by the dawn of February. Well, to be honest, I know very few people who make and stick to what they resolve. Regardless of being successful professionally or personally, when it comes to resolutions, better of the best human fails.


And why is that so? Why can’t you and me make a decent resolution and stick with it? Sometimes the reason lies within us and the other times, in the rushed piece of resolution that we make. Cracking the age-old process of ‘making and breaking resolutions’ shouldn’t be as himalayan as we think it is. With intensive research (read, Googling!) and thought- process, I have (!) come up with a few simple tips to help my fellow resolutioners.


1.  Choose a SMART resolution


This is my favourite and the only tip you really need to keep a resolution from breaking. Having a SMART( Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely) resolution like “I will lose 8 pounds in 4 weeks” is much more practical and convincing than “I will lose weight this year”. Once you have a resolution that you know to be SMART enough to win over, the rest of the process is cake-walk.



2.  Make a plan and memorize it


Now that we know what to do, take a bit of time to write it down. Rework, optimize and put it up somewhere your watchful eyes will reach. Your work cabinet’s drawer is a great option; could be even your fridge door. Just make use of every single chance available to remind you of the goal. I had a bird’s eye view of Miami as my wallpaper for the longest time - to inspire me go sky-dive. It did work! Could definitely work for you too.



3. Choose a partner- in- crime OR a critic


Depending on what you want to achieve, you should definitely have someone who could help you with the whole progress. Want to quit smoking? Pull in a willing friend on board and compete with him. A race is always fun running with friends. If that’s not an option, ask an honestly brutal friend/relative to be your critic. No one makes fun of your fails like your sibling. Share your plans with them and get to work.



4. Track and Follow up


Like any other task, regular follow ups always helps. Talk about your plans with your friends in a while. This may be the oldest trick in the book, but works like a charm every single time. Share your progress, write down about them in your journal and reward yourself at each milestone. Better not track your resolution’s progress in social media. Not only does it irk others, but also makes you lose track in a short while.



5. Practice perseverance


Whatever you do, never lose sight of what you started. You may fail to follow the plan once a while but never lose hope. It only takes an average of 21 days to form a habit. Once the goal plan become a habit, there is no stopping you!


Bonus Tip: This is only for the superstitious folks! Remember, how not sharing a facebook picture could bring bad luck to you? Something similar could help the weakest of heart. Tell yourself that breaking the resolution could cost you something dear to you. Fear works magic sometimes! ;) Anything to stay committed to the resolution!


Happy New Year! Resolute to make your resolutions work!

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