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Why You Need A Mobile App for Your Retail Business

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Real Prad A,Chief Executive Officer

A Mobile App for your Retail Store 

Loyal customers contribute to 80% of the total business revenue. Loyalty comes from trust and convenience. And mobile apps extend the most convenient and trusted shopping experience.

We discussed the influence of mobile apps in the restaurant and food delivery industry recently. As we continue to talk, mobility is influencing more industry segments and conquering new heights. The next most talked about one is the retail mobile app. 

Mobile apps have become imperative for the retail business as it sources a majority of their income. There is high competition among businesses as they try to get their mobile apps in the respective Android and iOS app stores. A recent study from Statista on Global Mobile Retail Commerce Revenue from 2013 to 2018 is given below:

As you can see, the global mobile retail commerce revenue was only 184 billion U.S dollars in 2014. It is estimated to reach 669 billion U.S dollars in 2018! Why is there so much expectation from these retail mobile apps? The credit goes to the wide variety of features that these retail mobile apps bring to the table. 

Personal account and preferences

Each customer is unique and has his/her shopping preferences. The main feature, rather say, an advantage that a user profile offers is the ability to gather intelligent data. A user profile enables options to set up filters and preferences, view the status of their purchases and receive timely updates in the form of push notifications. This form of intelligent data processing ensures that the user stays happy and contented with our products. 

Product description, demo, and trials 

Some of them take a minute to decide on a purchase while some others take a whole day to decide the same. But whomsoever it may be, they all need to see how their end purchase is going to look like. A detailed product description is not just enough to win your customers’ hearts. There should be high-quality pictures (taken from different angles), videos or demonstrations of the product and even trials (such as those in Lenskart) along with the product price in your retail mobile apps.

Mobile payments 

This is the most-wanted and convenient feature in retail mobile apps. Cashless transactions have always been our favorite. By integrating a secure third-party payment solution, your retail mobile apps can provide the easiest option to make payments for purchases. Recently, there are also options to simply scan your debit/credit and quickly make a payment for the desired product. 

Customer loyalty programs and offers 

Exclusive discounts and rewards make your customers feel valued. If you are not ready to shed a few bucks, then you cannot dream of expanding your business. These loyalty programs play a crucial role in customer retention. Further, your brand’s value increases through such programs and attracts potential customers. Personalized birthday coupons, rewards on social shares, and other special discounts can be easily sent out to customers through mobile apps.


How can you build a mobile app for your retail business? 

‘Buy everything in a single click without leaving the comfort of your home’

In short, this is the convenience that retail mobile apps offer to its customers. Mobile apps have indeed transformed the way how retailers interact with their customers. If you haven’t thought about mobile-transforming your business, then now is the best time. Reports indicate that the retail business revenue is going to reach 669 billion U.S dollars this year! 

How can your retail business get the best benefits out of these mobile apps? Well, we are here for you. SayOne has been designing and developing e-commerce and m-commerce apps for over 300 clients from the past 7 years. Retail mobile app development has been one of our core areas of expertise and has been doing good at it. 

Let’s not miss out any opportunity. Get started with your retail mobile app development today!

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