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Yoga - India’s biggest gift to the world

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Sandeep Balagopal,Sr Software Engineer

Yoga means union. Union of the individual consciousness with the Universal Consciousness. It is derived from the Sanskrit word Yuj. Yoga connects the mind, body, and spirit through body poses, controlled breathing, and meditation. Regular practice of yoga can offer all kind of mental and physical benefits. Let us explore few here. 


Beat repetitive strain injuries

Being in IT profession we have to sit in front of computer for hours. We usually forget to get up or stretch or even blink our eyes.
This results in back pain, neck pain, headache etc... Daily practice of yoga can help to recover from these.



Lose weight

Yoga helps to reduce weight. Surya namaskara, Kapal bhathi etc are very effective in losing weight.


Builds muscle strength

When muscle is build through yoga, you balance it with flexibility. If you just went to gym and build muscles through lifting weights, 
you may build muscle strength, but at the expense of flexibility. 



Boost Immunity power

"When the mind suffers, the body cries out".  - Godfather
Because all the ailments start from the mind, it is important to keep our spirits high to stay away from diseases.
Yoga poses give stimulation to organs and strengthen muscles. Pranayama and meditation remove stress and improve immunity.



Steady the mind

Our mind is like a monkey. It jumps from past and future. When we are at work, we think of the gas cylinder
we did not turn off today. And when we are at home, we think of that manager who was rude to you today. Yoga helps to keep 
 mind in present moment, where it can stay happy and focussed. 



Make you compassionate

Yoga can make you feel strong, centered, and more relaxed, and after a yoga session, you feel more connected to yourself and to others around you. You will reach out to people in need.

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