• Web Application

SaaS web application for hotels and travel companies to avail of curated content.


Fiz is a global travel content engine that aids travelers by providing their websites with real-time, authentic content on local attractions, landmarks and leisure places. Fiz presents customizable descriptions, tips, reviews and photos, along with events details as compact interactive maps and visual galleries. It helps increase dwell time, repeat visits and ultimately, bookings.
Fiz had to develop a zero touch application for hotels and leisure businesses, to help create, manage and pay for instant embed dynamic widgets to use across all their channels. They also wanted to incorporate their existing technologies, namely, dynamic widget, aggregator, refactor, de-dupe and place score into the application. The existing process was largely manual, requiring frequent backend intervention.


SayOne developed a SAAS (Software as a Service) application whereby a ‘no touch’ system was put in place. Due to the nature and low pricing of software as a service, we were able to build a fully self-sustaining application, with nil or limited intervention. All aspects of the widget creation process along with payment system were automated. A comprehensive ‘help’ function provides handy guidance to the site visitors. Queries are routed by means of a ticketing system.

Technology Stack