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Data is the past, present and future of an enterprise. The critical business decisions, new product ideas, operational changes and profits depend largely on data. If the data served and assessed lacks authenticity, it affects the whole business system. Hence, It is imperative for any business, small, medium or large to have proper Data Governance processes to ensure seamless functioning. Sayone Data Governance platform is designed with a focus to trigger your Return On investment (ROI)

End-to-End Data Quality

A feature-rich Data Governance platform such as D-one is the key to smooth business functioning. By ensuring data quality across your enterprise, you are benefitted with a robust and consistent organizational governance model.

Configurable Workflow

D-one can be easily configured according to your workflow and customize it to suit your specific needs. An amalgamation of best practices and customization capability results in smooth data governance for your enterprise.

Data History

Data Governance history is perfectly saved and backed-up with D-one. Now, you have complete visibility into the data flow within your enterprise and plan accordingly in the future.

One-Click Reports

D-one provides interactive and detailed reports in a single click. Timely, accurate and consistent reports enable you to understand workflow patterns, gather customer insights and make customer-centric decisions.

Hassle-Free Integration

You can easily sync D-one with your existing systems without disrupting the on-going processes.






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“We have always dreamt of building a data governance platform for end-to-end enterprise data quality. With D-One in place, we have finally realized this dream and made it open for the whole community”.

Renjith Raj, Chief Technology Officer