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Simple. Short. Selective

An integrated platform for information exchange. We understand your need for a curated content platform with the prowess to attract readers and retain them. InfoBoard is designed with the goal to answer your needs and increase business value. InfoBoard helps you to spread the right information to your stakeholders in the shortest and relevant manner.

Short & Precise

InfoBoard brings information to your users in a short, neat and legible format. A snippet of the story is shown to your readers as they flip through. This offers better readability and less attention fatigue.

Custom Categories

Give your readers the freedom to choose what they like. With InfoBoard, your readers can save their preferences on the go and your information reaches the right set of audience.

Social Sharing

Promote your audience to share their favourite stories on the social media. Let's open up a world of information.

Multi-lingual Support

InfoBoard supports information exchange in multiple languages. Now, share stories with your readers in your preferred languages.






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InfoBoard | Content Curation Software | SayOne

“Info-board is the single term for an easily integratable content sharing platform”.

Hari Krishna, Chief Operating Officer