Robotic Process Automation

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Evolve Beyond Conventional Rule-Based Automation

Robotic process automation allows you to automate repetitive mundane tasks using smart software bots. The bots take care of the routine tasks such as administrative, billing, accounting and many more with efficiency beyond compare and way more accuracy than a human counterpart. This enables businesses with more time to serve customers or to take care of matters of higher value.

At Sayone solutions, we help organizations to integrate technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence with RPA to transform their entire business ecosystem. With our end-to-end RPA consulting services, we inculcate intelligent automation into our client's companies and help them to enhance productivity, reduce operational cost and improve scalability.

What We Do

RPA Consulting
RPA Consulting

Our end-to-end RPA consulting services will help you identify and automate routine processes and services such as billing, accounting and many more, our software bots lets a client to focus on more creative aspects of the business.

Automation Design
Automation Design

Our automation design focuses on getting the task done with impeccable accuracy, response time and cross-platform interaction for data access, read and write, all this to happen seamlessly, in short, delivering intelligent automation to clients.

RPA Implementation
RPA Implementation

In the implementation stage, we bring in an amalgamation of machine learning, artificial intelligence and RPA to create a software bot that can carry on tasks unsupervised with utmost accuracy and speed.

Automation Support
Automation Support

We offer round the clock post-implementation service to clients to help them understand the automation process better and ensure the bot works as intended, and provide support when there is a change in the process.

Technology Offerings

  • Desktop, web and GUI automation
  • Citrix automation
  • Mainframe automation
  • SAP automation
  • Excel automation
  • Macro reader
  • Task, workflow and state machine automation
  • Screen and data scrapping
  • Read and write to databases

Leverage the Benefits of RPA with Our Deep Domain Expertise

The amount of time and energy spent on doing a particular task over and over can be exhaustive for a person or resources collectively. RPA streamlines numerous tasks of mundane nature such as administrative, accounting and more irrespective of its volume with improved efficiency and accuracy. Freedom from the need to do routine tasks allows an organization to take care of more important aspects of their business that in absolute terms improves operational efficiency and customer experience, thus better business.

Key Benefits of Our RPA Solutions

  • Greater compliance
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Improved productivity and efficiency
  • Focus on more stimulating tasks
  • Higher accuracy and quality
  • Comprehensive insights
  • Reduced response times


RPA Tools We Leverage

SayOne leverage a combination of open source tools that are enterprise ready. We also utilize the capabilities provided by technologies like ML and AI along with RPA tools to create smarter bots for you to make informed decisions.

Happy Clients

They enable us to be more competitive in our market. All in all, we can produce faster and cheaper because of the talent they offer and the price at which they offer it.

Patrick Falvey

Managing Partner, DjangoForce

SayOne is extremely flexible from a project management standpoint and that's really important to our unique business environment. There were no nasty surprises.

Berenice Giannini

Chief Operating Officer, The eTailPet

SayOne Technologies has been good at understanding our requirements and delivering a finished product which did not need a lot of revising. Their team is knowledgeable.

Mark van Rijmenam


I feel comfortable working with them on any project as they are innovative and progressive in terms of being on the front end of what’s next and new in technology.

Chris Cutler

Former Marketing Director, Vinetrail Organization

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