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How enterprise IoT improves workplace efficiency

By Jomin JohnsonJan. 15, 2021, 3 p.m. Application development company
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Learn about the rise of IoT or the Internet of Things in the 21st century tech boom. Discover how it emerged as a by-product of the digital revolution and sophisticated devices.

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How enterprise IoT improves workplace efficiency


The technological boom of the 21st century has led to two things, the digital revolution, and sophistication of the devices that are driving the technology. This had led to the emergence of various domains of application as a by-product of the digital revolution. Such was the emergence of IoT or the Internet of Things.

  • Affordable and large memory compartments have made possible the storage and processing of large data. 

  • and affordable advanced sensors that have turned almost every device of business interest into a data source.

These two advancements have led to the mainstreaming of the technology of IoT.

IoT or Internet of things is a network of internet-enabled devices with sensors, software, and network connection that enables them to connect and exchange data. These smart devices and the data generated from them improves the overall efficiency of the process. This data when processed right provides insights that help an enterprise identify everything right from a potential risk to the time of a preventive maintenance.

Following are the ways enterprise IoT improves the efficiency of a workplace:

IoT enables Smart Office

Many companies are investing in speakers and AI-enabled voice assistants that allow an employee to carry out tasks by giving voice instructions without the need to touch anything physically. This helps them in getting things done faster, and also adds freedom from the need to carry out repetitive tasks. 

IoT improves employee productivity

Investing in IoT devices and software that enables employees to connect and collaborate from remote locations, helps in saving time and efforts of physically being available at a particular place. IoT based initiatives have become a necessity for any office to create an employee-friendly workspace to help him manage his work with improved productivity and efficiency.

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IoT helps to save Energy

IoT devices help offices to save costs from unnecessary wastage of power and resources. With AI-enabled software, smart lighting devices, and motion sensors the lighting system can be programmed to match the user's schedule. 

With the help of smart thermostats, the air-conditioning of the system can be operated in a more optimal and energy-efficient way. IoT helps enterprises to save on expenses by creating a more energy-efficient workspace. 

Efficient Supply Chain

With the help of network-enabled sensors and smart tags, enterprises can have a real-time track of their supply chain network. Enterprises can have a closer watch on its vehicle feet movement and real-time routing to save on time and fuel. Businesses can track packages and align various parameters of their supply chain network proactively, to have a more controlled supply chain network.

Harmonized Operations

IoT sensors generate a vast amount of data for the businesses to coordinate their operations and lets them handle changes as in when required seamlessly. For example, smart sensors can be used to know which meeting rooms are already full and which are vacant to schedule meetings. 

Beyond sensors and software, IoT is a valuable source of data and this gives an excellent opportunity for organizations to make use of this data to improve upon how they operate their day to day operations. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools can help enterprises to make sense of this data and put this into the use of value and benefit.

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