imgByArun Augustine

Scraping images and getting contents from an image using Scrapy and PyTesser

Scrapy along with PyTesseract is one of the best combos we can work with in order to extract contents(text) from an ...

July 25, 2017
imgByShinoj Surendran

Parameterization using JMeter

Let’s look at how parameterization is done using Apache JMeter - the performance and load testing tool. The blog des...

July 21, 2017
imgByRijaz Rasheed

Optionals in Swift

Optionals prevent run-time errors caused due to the absence of values. Optionals is a useful concept you can use whe...

July 14, 2017
imgByBinu Babu

How parameterization helps you in test automation

Let's learn about Parameterization which is an execution strategy, that allows us to run a test case automatically, ...

July 7, 2017
imgByJustin Joy

Things to know before building a React-Native app

React is advertised as ‘learn once, write anywhere’. This blog discusses the things that you should know about befor...

June 29, 2017
imgByReal Prad A

Applications of data analytics in healthcare industry

Healthcare industries produce large amounts of data on a daily basis. Here, Big data analytics has the potential to ...

June 9, 2017