Our approach

Digital agencies struggling to meet client expectations and project deliveries can immensely benefit from our developer team outsourcing services.

  • Best Web application development agency
    Best Web application development agency

    Requirement Analysis

    After studying the project requirements in detail, we will recommend a suitable team of developers for completing the work according to industry standards.

  • Best Web application development agency
    Best Web application development agency

    Time and Budget Outlay

    In this stage, we prepare a detailed quotation providing the time schedules, project milestones, and the cost of hiring developers. We provide options for hiring on hourly, monthly, full-time and part-time basis.

  • Best Web application development agency
    Best Web application development agency

    Team Screening and Selection

    Depending on the skill levels required and complexities involved, we short-list developers from our pool. The client can interview the individual developers as per the project needs and hire them on any suitable engagement model. 

  • Best Web application development agency
    Best Web application development agency

    Development and Reporting

    Once the project team is finalized and the development work is started, we will keep you informed of the progress regularly. The client can also be in touch with the team members for any update. 

  • Best Web application development agency
    Best Web application development agency

    Delivery and Extension

    If there is no change in the specifications of the project through the development period, then the project will be completed and delivered as committed. However, in case there are changes, the time extension required will be notified. The team may also have to be scaled up according to the new requirements. The cost aspect will be reworked and notified.

Best Web application development agency

With experience in software development for start-ups, SMBs and large-scale enterprises for a decade now, we understand the requirements of the outsourcing market very well. In an attempt to simplify the outsourcing experience for these organizations in terms of reducing the costs and shorten the time-to-market, we have expert developer teams that you can use for outsourcing development services or even use for crafting your organization’s application development needs.

We fully understand that the advantages that our clients will derive by engaging our developer teams will come full circle only when there truthfulness and transparency and collaborative effort in the hiring exercise.

I ensure that our team members are equipped with the latest technologies in the development arena to be of full use to the clients that hire our teams. For this, I spend a considerable amount of time to verify a candidate’s technology skills, adaptation skills and ability to apply talent to add them to our developer pool.

We also offer different engagement models to be able to fit into different outsourcing needs that organizations may have, with every step geared towards taking the business enterprise to the next level of success.

Renjith Raj
Co-founder and CTO

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Best Web application development agency

Software Development for Digital Agencies – Why Choose Us

At SayOne, we are always open to listening and learning as much as helping our clients move through the complex worlds of the mobile, web and the cloud. As staunch believers of collaborative development, through this approach, we have helped many of our start-up clients launch their businesses across different industry verticals.

For every unique idea that is presented to us, we build adaptable and flexible apps to suit our clients’ needs. For this, we are ably supported by a team of developers who are the best in their trade. Whether it is about cloud applications, cross-platform development or the latest technologies, we create perfect fits to match our clients’ requirements. We ensure that the end product will add value to their business while delivering the best experiences to their customers.

SayOne’s products are characterized by innovation and our teams often deliver novel out-of-the-box solutions to support start-up ideas. The support does not end with the launch. We continue to maintain the app and scale it up as and when required. Our maintenance support services also take care of minor issues that may crop up after the launch. Such issues are resolved to the best satisfaction of our clients.

As part of keeping up the long-term relationship with our clients, we work continuously to provide product updates and add the latest features to keep the product contemporary. It is no wonder, therefore, that we have a growing list of happy clients.

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Software Development for Digital Agencies FAQ.

By building custom software solutions, agencies can provide their clients with significant business value that builds their competitive advantage. However, agencies rarely have the right expertise on board. That’s why they cooperate with software development companies that specialize in various technologies, as well as services such as product design.
We primarily follow the Agile Project Management methodology with the following default routine:
  • Work is divided into 2-week-long sprints
  • There's a sprint planning session at the beginning of each sprint (~1h video call)
  • We organize a sprint review (with demo) and retrospective sessions at the end of each sprint (~1h video call)
  • During the sprint, we hold daily stand-up meetings.
  • Our teams can adjust their workflow in projects where the process is already well-defined and follow the existing practices.
Our basic software development process is based on an agile framework called Scrum. However, our teams are flexible and can adjust to any custom project management approach.
We can start a new project within 2-4 weeks from signing the contract and making the initial project estimation.
Once the project has been completed, we are happy to provide you with continuous support and maintenance services. If a new requirement arises and you want to change a feature or add a new one, we can scale the team up again to meet the changing demands of your application.

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