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Top developers on our team create state-of-the-art web applications that cater to the specific requirements of your business and the industry segment you are in. We leverage a decade of experience we have in employing the latest technologies to streamline complex business workflows.


Our Web Application Development Approach

At SayOne Technologies, we follow an Agile methodology when building web applications for our clients. This enables us to ensure quality, security, and rich functionality in the applications we craft for our clients.

Web application development starts with the discovery and planning phase, which involves understanding your requirements clearly. In this foundation phase, we will discuss and document aspects such as your objective, the scope of work, wireframing, and functional requirements. Armed with the input from your side, we will start the app designing and UI coding work.

The next stage is the development phase, wherein we add the functional elements of the web app. We then move on to the quality control phase to ensure that the app meets all quality standards. This phase is followed by user acceptance testing and the launch phases.

We continue to support you even after the launch of the app with post-launch QA as well as maintenance services until you are confident of managing them on your own.

Highlights of Our Web Application Development Process
  • We take the time to thoroughly understand your business and project requirements to match the outcomes with your objectives.
  • We are also committed to meeting the schedules, budgets, and quality requirements through meticulous planning and allocation of resources.
  • Key professionals at SayOne ensure utmost clarity and transparency in all communications and leverage the power of the best technologies to craft robust solutions.
  • We maintain the highest quality standards through multiple tests, create scalable and responsive designs, and complete your projects on time.

Project managers organize daily stand-up meetings to discuss the progress of various projects, address challenges, and guide team members so that the desired project goals are achieved. Besides, code reviews, QA strategies, and DevOps are interwoven into the development process to ensure a high level of coordination among various development teams.

The final stage of the web application development process is the client review, to ensure that all stated requirements have been incorporated. This helps stakeholders to clearly understand where they stand as far as web app development is concerned and initiate necessary actions.

SayOne’s Web Application Development Services

Our web app development team has the experience to craft the best business solutions. We are a full-stack web application development company, and we build responsive and customized web solutions to ensure increased conversions.

We design robust front-end and back-end solutions so that the web app offers the desired functionality and performance to enhance the user experience. Besides, we ensure that the web app is capable of withstanding the demands posed by technological changes.

Further, our developers have the knowledge and expertise to integrate tools that enable the generation and compilation of valuable business information. This enables functional heads to make informed decisions.

When it comes to web application development, we always come up with the most affordable solutions to help you reach out to a large audience base. As such, our web app development services are geared towards streamlining your existing business processes and meeting the demands of today’s fluctuating market conditions.

Backend Development

We employ efficient routines to develop extensive and fully functional backend solutions that facilitate the smooth exchange of information to enhance front-end functionality and user experience.

Front-end Development

Our developers use technologies like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to create intuitive front-ends or UIs to help your target audience view and seamlessly interact with your website.

Custom Web Development

Our custom web development service takes your brand's uniqueness and scalability requirements into account. We understand your needs, analyze your requirements, and then design the website.

Data Processing and Analytics

We design and integrate AI-powered systems as part of our web app development services. The insights you gather through the analytics tool help you become the leader in your niche area.

Content Management System

The state-of-the-art Content Management System we design for your custom website allows you to efficiently manage content, archive data, create databases and generate graphic reports.

eCommerce and ERP

Our eCommerce development service is geared towards catering to the specific needs of online business owners. We also specialize in integrating custom ERP solutions to enhance operational efficiency.

Digital Transformation

Changing customer expectations with respect to product experiences have significantly impacted the business environment. We specialize in building digital transformation solutions to solve your problems.

Hiring Developers

Are you looking for expert developers for your special projects? We can help you. Hire developers from our talent pool on flexible terms and save time and resources!

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Language

You can simplify and automate business processes and tasks and make them more effective and efficient with the help of AI & ML services.

Sass platform

When it comes to SaaS services, highly experienced developers at SayOne are capable of building SaaS products right from scratch and redesigning existing applications.

eCommerce and POS

At SayOne, we employ the latest technologies to build state-of-the-art eCommerce portals, retail and inventory management systems, mobile apps, POS applications, and chatbots.


Our structured microservices-powered software development services are focused on building faster, better, and cost-effective applications that help you enhance business agility.

Web App Development Technologies We Use

SayOne has vast experience in web development in building web applications and workflow interfaces that cater to all your requirements. Besides, we implement industry best practices, the latest technologies, and deliver scalable solutions that enable you to pursue your business strategies and support your digital transformation efforts. Full-stack developers on our team build robust and customized web applications that ensure the best smooth user experience.


Top Python developers in our team have extensive knowledge and experience in crafting complex web applications that are driven by this technology.


As top Angular JS developers, we specialize in delivering high-quality, functional applications for the Android, iOS, and web platforms.


We utilize this UI toolkit from Google to craft appealing and functional apps for mobile, desktop, web, and embedded devices from one codebase.

Java Spring Boot

Our top-of-the-line Java Spring Boot app development service enables you to enhance the efficiency and productivity of your business.

Java Spring Boot
React JS

We are adept at leveraging the full potential of React JS and building scalable, secure, and interactive UIs for all applications.

React JS
React Native

As part of our React Native development services, we focus on building best-in-class cross-platform mobile apps with engaging UIs.

React Native

To ensure robust backend functionality and performance for your web apps, we draw on the capabilities of the open-source programming language Go.


Estimation of Cost and Time

Web application development is a time-consuming process, and costs are involved as businesses need to ensure the best experience for their customers. As such, several factors have to be taken into account when designing applications as part of the website development for any organization that wants to tap the power of digital marketing. Therefore, businesses would want to know the cost and time involved before making the decision to go ahead with the web development project. At SayOne, the steps we follow to provide a realistic estimate are:

Step 1
Understanding your business

First of all, we will discuss all the details of your business to clearly understand the workflow. During the course of the discussion, we will also gather information as regards the problems you want to address through your company website. The complexity of your business is a key factor in deciding the technologies to be employed and the time needed to complete the website development project.

Step 2
Design and technology requirements

Once we are clear about your requirements and the complexity of your business, it is easy to choose the technologies needed to design and develop a fully functional website. At this stage, we will also discuss the design details, user interface requirements, user experience aspects, other features needed, third-party and backend integrations that are necessary, etc. All these inputs will help us estimate the cost of developing your website and the time needed to launch it.

Step 3
Constituting the team

The next step is to decide the size of the team, and this helps to estimate the overhead costs involved. We also estimate the number of man-hours needed to complete the website development project based on its complexity, features, and other elements that need to be incorporated. In addition to the hourly rates of developers, other factors we take into account are the tech stack required, testing, QA, and maintenance.

Step 4
Documentation and Approval

We prepare a no-commitment, free quote based on the details mentioned in the previous steps, clearly indicating the cost and time estimates. Upon obtaining your final concurrence, we will start the web development work. You will be informed of the progress at regular intervals.


Our Projects

We have helped many corporate visionaries achieve their goals by developing innovative solutions using emerging technologies. Our expertise in the deployment of these technologies has helped them automate and streamline their business processes and optimize operational efficiency. We have successfully implemented top-class technology solutions to help our clients around the world stay ahead of their competitors and grow their businesses. Hire expert developers from SayOne and solve your complex business problems!


An app with employer dashboard that facilitates viewing transaction history and management of employee salary advance requests

  • App to help employees of an organization to be able to access portions of their salaries anytime without disturbing the normal payroll process
  • Automatic disbursal of advance amounts to employees without the need for employer permission
  • Powered by Firebase and React JS technologies


A tech platform to efficiently manage user data and organizational activities of the Indian Pentecostal Church of God

  • A complete app with public websites, community social media portals, and governing body dashboards
  • App has a built-in capability to send bulk SMS, mailing labels, circulars, and other information
  • Built using Django and android technologies


  • SaaS E-commerce platform for pet food retailers in US/Canada market.
  • Retailers can create their own online store with simple steps without worrying about the huge capital expense or tech hardlers involved
  • Built using powerful technologies such as Python, Java, CSS, PostgreSQL and Html.


A powerful wine business simulator coupled with a simplified learning management system comprising workbooks quizzes and video tutorials

  • Best Suited for students, wine industry employees and seasoned wine businessmen
  • UCapable of doing everything that one can do on an excel sheet
  • Built using powerful technologies such as Python, Angular JS and Go Language

Our Clients

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  • Hire Our Dedicated Developers for Custom Application Development

Why Choose SayOne as Your Application Development Partner

We are a full-service technology company, and right from 2010, we have been helping many companies take their online businesses to a higher level of success. We have successfully built scalable and highly functional web and mobile applications for all types of organizations, including start-ups, SMBs, and corporate enterprises operating in different industrial segments. Our ability to design solutions that streamline business processes and lead to drastic cost reductions and increased profits, transparency in our dealings, 100 percent commitment to the NDA we enter into with you, and on-time completion of your projects are aspects that truly differentiate us from our competitors.

Web Application Development FAQs

Right from 2010, when SayOne was established, we have completed more than 220 projects. To date, we have helped over 50 organizations operating in different industry verticals.

At SayOne, we are committed to abiding by the Agile development methodology. You can talk to our Project Manager for more information on this aspect.

We offer three engagement models: Full-time (8 hours/day); Part-time (4 hours/day); and Hourly models.

We are adept at using technologies like Python, Angular JS, React JS, Java Spring Boot, and Golang. We choose the technology based on the functionality, features, UI, UX, and platform requirements.

The steps involved are:

  • Understanding what you want
  • Firming up your website’s design and technology requirements
  • Constituting the development team
  • Formal documentation and approval
  • Development by following the Agile methodology
  • Launching the website

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