SaaS Ecommerce platform for pet food retailers in US/Canada market

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E tail is providing a SaaS ecommerce platform where the pet food retailers can create their own online store with simple steps without worrying about the huge capital expense or tech hardlers involved, Etailpet offers all in one ready made ecommerce for any store with 10K+ products pre loaded.

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USA/ Canada

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Pet Food Retailers

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Our Challenge

To build a high-performance system that can handle 1000’s of requests every second, Since etail is running in a SaaS environment and there are 1000 plus retailers who are selling through this platform every second is important to us and we need t make sure that the system is working perfectly all the time, Another key challenge was that, each shop have their own branding and store expectations customizing the application for individual need is not practical so we need to implement a customizable Shop Now Page with Scss technology. 

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Our Solution

We developed a web application using microservices and multi-tenant architecture to ensure the system performance is not affected due to the web traffic. Also to handle the large number of product, inventory, and user data securely we adopt all possible security standards and continuously monitor them to provide a reliable service for customers.

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  • Design
  • Development
  • QA
  • Devops and server maintenance
  • Dedicated Allocations


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Our Results

The client demonstrated a rapid growth in the last 5 years and turned to be a million dollar organization

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