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Start your DevOps transformation with SayOne Tech's specialized Solutions and Services. Rapid development and timely market delivery are paramount to us. We understand the critical need for cohesive teamwork between development and operations, breaking down silos to foster seamless collaboration and innovation.


SayOne Tech's DevOps Consulting Services

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At SayOneTech, our DevOps consulting services are designed to overcome common industry hurdles, such as disjointed communication between development and IT operations. We provide a comprehensive suite of services, including assessment, planning, and process implementation, all tailored to your unique business needs.

Our approach begins with creating a strategic DevOps roadmap focused on automation and efficient process management. This ensures not only a smooth transition but also long-term operational effectiveness. Our team is adept at team collaboration and integrating robust security measures, fortifying your infrastructure against evolving threats.

Our services are more than just technical solutions; they are a commitment to transforming your organizational culture. By fostering better integration between teams, we pave the way for accelerated innovation and a stronger competitive edge in the market.

Choose SayOneTech for a DevOps strategy that aligns with your vision, accelerates your business forward, and ensures sustained growth. Partner with us to experience a holistic transformation that goes beyond conventional solutions, driving lasting success for your organization.

Our DevOps Solutions And Services

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Assessment and Planning

We create a DevOps plan to set your goals and clear KPIs for measurable success. This roadmap is practical and aligns with your business needs.

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Process Implementation

Our method involves analyzing, designing, building, automating, and implementing key areas to improve efficiency. It's straightforward and focused on results.

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Operational Management

We handle cloud infrastructure, hardware, networking, and security, aiming to cut operational costs. Our management is hands-on and cost-effective.

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Steady Pace

Our technical know-how ensures your DevOps operations move forward smoothly and consistently. We focus on keeping things running without hiccups.

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Enhanced Flow

Our solutions bring together toolchains, containers, and processes for more reliable operations and a continuous workflow. It's about keeping things moving without interruption.

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Effective Supply Chain

We work on your supply chain to make processes and platforms more mature and efficient. It's all about better performance in the long run.

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Enhanced Collaboration

We improve team communication with effective tools, making sure everyone works together well. It's about clear, direct communication for better teamwork.

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Cloud Infrastructure Management

We manage AWS, GCP, and Azure platforms for better deployment, monitoring, and optimization of cloud resources. Our focus is on making your cloud work harder for you.

Tools We Use for DevOps

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Amazon Web Service
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Google Cloud Platform
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Microsoft Azure
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web application development
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Bit bucket
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Our Projects

We are by far the most reputed DevOps Consulting and we have been successful in helping many corporates achieve their business goals. We craft innovative solutions by using emerging technologies. Further, our technology-based solutions help our clients streamline/automate their processes and optimize their functional efficiency. State-of-the-art solutions that we custom develop for our clients enable them to beat their competitors and become leaders in their niche. Hire our developers and take your business to the next level of success!


An app with employer dashboard that facilitates viewing transaction history and management of employee salary advance requests

  • App to help employees of an organization to be able to access portions of their salaries anytime without disturbing the normal payroll process
  • Automatic disbursal of advance amounts to employees without the need for employer permission
  • Powered by Firebase and React JS technologies


A tech platform to efficiently manage user data and organizational activities of the Indian Pentecostal Church of God

  • A complete app with public websites, community social media portals, and governing body dashboards
  • App has a built-in capability to send bulk SMS, mailing labels, circulars, and other information
  • Built using Django and android technologies


  • SaaS E-commerce platform for pet food retailers in US/Canada market.
  • Retailers can create their own online store with simple steps without worrying about the huge capital expense or tech hardlers involved
  • Built using powerful technologies such as Python, Java, CSS, PostgreSQL and Html.


A powerful wine business simulator coupled with a simplified learning management system comprising workbooks quizzes and video tutorials

  • Best Suited for students, wine industry employees and seasoned wine businessmen
  • UCapable of doing everything that one can do on an excel sheet
  • Built using powerful technologies such as Python, Angular JS and Go Language

DevOps Consulting – FAQs

DevOps is not just a cloud service; it's a methodology that integrates development and operations for better workflow and productivity.

In agile, DevOps bridges the gap between software development and operations, emphasizing continuous delivery and improvement..

A DevOps Engineer collaborates across departments to automate and streamline operations, improving deployment and infrastructure efficiency. Read more about DevOps Engineers role here.

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