Our approach

Building bespoke software for our clients is SayOne’s speciality. Our packages are designed to suit the unique challenges faced by our clients’ businesses. We build intuitive and secure packages that provide an enhanced user experience.

  • Web application development company in USA
    Web application development company in USA

    In-Depth Analysis

    As a first step, we conduct an in-depth analysis of the requirements of our client’s business and derive a methodology to choose the technologies, the technical architecture required, and aspects of security and data protection.

  • Web application development company in USA
    Web application development company in USA

    Understand Business Goals

    Getting to know the short- and long-term goals helps us to design the software package to ensure the client’s success. This helps us to prioritize the business areas that need more investment in terms of resources from our side during the software development stage.

  • Web application development company in USA
    Best Web app development company in USA

    Validation and Code Audit

    Once the feasibility study is complete, we determine the scope of work involved to move on to the development stage. A code audit is the next step in case our client already has a software package which needs to be enhanced.

  • best Web app development company in USA
    Best Web app development company in USA

    Product Development

    Here, the rubber meets the road. We identify the team members with adequate expertise to implement the technical requirements of the project. The project team follows the Agile software development methodology throughout this stage and complete the project on time.

  • best Web app development company in USA
    Best Web app development company in USA

    QA and Testing

    The success of any software package for SMBs depends on the extent to which the product is tested. A robust product gives strong support to business operations. QA and Testing help to trap any minor issues and allows the client to enjoy error-free operation after the formal deployment of the software.

  • Best Web app development company in USA
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    Product Launch

    After successful completion of the QA and Testing stage, we proceed with formally deploying the product. This involves an extensive implementation plan that involves teaching the client’s employees how to use the software and then formally release it to all the stakeholders.

  • Web app development usa
    Web app development usa

    Product Maintenance

    The software development process for the SMBs does not get over with the deployment.

    Thereafter, the software should be governed appropriately and is updated with new versions as required. We also sort out any minor issues that may occur after the release of the product.

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At SayOne, we realize that in most instances out-of-the-box solutions do not meet our SMB customer digitization requirements. Our skilled team then invests the time for a thorough understanding of the business to craft a perfect-fit bespoke solution for our clients. From building Intranet portals, streamline business processes, automating processes and integrating them into running applications or crafting software solutions from the ground up, our teams are equipped with the knowledge and techniques to help the SMB clients every step of the way.

Following the Agile methodology during all phases of the project design and development, I share my experience and skill to help the team members overcome the hurdles and mold to the process to get the best solution for our clients. In addition to crafting the perfect application, we make our SMB clients application-ready by providing adequate end-user training and post-deployment support to help them stay productive. We try to close the gap between the business needs and IT capabilities as much as possible.

We train talented teams so that they can help augment staff requirements of SMBs for specific projects, whatever be the technology that is required. The teams are skilled enough to automatically fit into the project development culture of our client SMBs.

Hari Krishna
Co-founder and COO

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Software Development for SMBs – Why Choose Us

At SayOne, we are always open to listening and learning as much as helping our clients move through the complex worlds of the mobile, web and the cloud. As staunch believers of collaborative development, through this approach, we have helped many of our SMB clients steer their businesses in competitive markets.

For every unique business system that is presented to us, we build adaptable and flexible apps to perfectly fit our clients’ needs. For this, we are ably supported by a team of developers who are the best in their trade. Whether it is about cloud applications, cross-platform development or the latest technologies, we create software packages to match our clients’ requirements. We ensure that the end product will add value to their business while delivering the best experiences to their customers.

SayOne’s products are characterized by innovation and our teams often deliver novel out-of-the-box solutions to support business ideas. The support does not end with the deployment of the software package. We continue to maintain the application and scale it up as and when required. Our maintenance support services also take care of minor issues that may crop up after the launch. Such issues are resolved to the best satisfaction of our clients.

As part of keeping up the long-term relationship with our clients, we work continuously to provide product updates and add the latest features to keep the product contemporary. It is no wonder, therefore, that we have a growing list of happy clients.

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Software Development for

Several key factors have to be considered before deciding whether to use custom software or an off-the-shelf package. However, the two main reasons are the feature set and cost. If the feature set and cost of an off-the-shelf software package match your requirements then it is the right fit for the business. In practice, it is not easy to find such a package and many businesses resort to custom software packages so that it caters to their specific needs.
We, at SayOne, take into account the existing platform infrastructure, and scalability requirements among others to decide the feature set of the product. This enables us to decide the technology stack that we are going to use for developing the custom product.
Agile software development refers to an iterative and collaborative procedure for creating software modules, testing, and deployment to meet business needs in a dynamic environment. The agile methodology enables adaptive planning and continuous improvement.
Formed by joining the words Development and Operations, DevOps refers to a set of practices combining IT operations and software development. DevOps helps to reduce the systems development life-cycle and ensures high quality. DevOps gives the best outcomes when used together with Agile software development.
We develop apps from business ideas for start-ups, custom software for SMBs, and extensive packages for enterprise-level organizations. We can also scale up the products that we supply as the business grows in size.

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