Our approach.

We understand that successful app development is very important for a start-up idea. At SayOne, we strive to create the best custom apps that will serve as the perfect launch-pad for start-up businesses.

  • Startup Application development company
    Startup Application development company

    Preliminary discussion

    The preliminary discussion is all about dissecting our client’s app idea and how it can be tuned to meet the start-up’s business prospects. We duly respect our client’s intellectual property and maintain the highest level of confidentiality.

  • Startup Application development company
    Startup Application development company

    Validation and Code Audit

    The next step is to validate the app idea and determine its feasibility. If the app idea is feasible, we firm up the scope of work involved. We conduct a code audit in case our client approaches us with a product that needs improvement.

  • Startup Application development company
    Startup Application development company

    MVP Development

    After validation, we allocate the project to a qualified team of developers to start building a scalable Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with the basic functional and visually appealing features. UI and UX are developed keeping the best design practices in mind.

  • Startup Application development company
    Startup Application development company

    Product Development

    The MVP is further developed into a full-stack web and mobile app with functional frontend and backend features. In addition to building scalable APIs, we also ensure suitable third-party integrations for the smooth functioning of the app.

  • Startup Application development company
    Startup Application development company

    QA, Testing, and Marketing Campaigns

    The product development is followed by extensive QA and testing procedures. Once the issues are fixed, our digital marketing experts organize and run effective marketing campaigns that help to introduce and position our client’s apps in the marketplace.

  • Startup Application development company
    Startup Application development company

    Product Launch

    From planning the app’s play store listing, screenshots, graphics, and videos, we judiciously tick off all items on the checklist to ensure a smooth launch of our client’s apps.

  • Startup Application development company
    Startup Application development company

    Product Maintenance

    We continue to support our clients even after the launch of the app. We help to keep the product in good shape by providing updates and resolving minor issues that may crop up.

Startup Application development company

In 2019, the value of the mobile app market was estimated to be US$154.05 billion. It is expected to register a compounded annual growth (CAGR) of 11.5 percent during the period 2020 to 2027 primarily because of the increased use of smartphones, Internet penetration, and technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning in mobile apps. So, the market is huge but when it comes to start-ups, they always operate on a shoe-string budget. Moreover, there is a need to develop scalable apps to cope with the growth of the organization.

Startup owners generally lack the time to delve deeper into the technical aspects related to their app project. They need to get to the market in the shortest possible time and expect quality at the MVP stage itself. That’s why it is crucial for start-up companies to associate with the right technology partner. Fortunately, the experience I gathered as the owner of a start-up company has helped me in training my project teams in effectively overcoming such challenges.

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Application development company
Startup Application development company

Software Development for Start-ups – Why Choose Us

At SayOne, we are always open to listening and learning as much as helping our clients move through the complex worlds of the mobile, web and the cloud. As staunch believers of collaborative development, through this approach, we have helped many of our start-up clients launch their businesses across different industry verticals.

For every unique idea that is presented to us, we build adaptable and flexible apps to suit our clients’ needs. For this, we are ably supported by a team of developers who are the best in their trade. Whether it is about cloud applications, cross-platform development or the latest technologies, we create perfect fits to match our clients’ requirements. We ensure that the end product will add value to their business while delivering the best experiences to their customers.

SayOne’s products are characterized by innovation and our teams often deliver novel out-of-the-box solutions to support start-up ideas. The support does not end with the launch. We continue to maintain the app and scale it up as and when required. Our maintenance support services also take care of minor issues that may crop up after the launch. Such issues are resolved to the best satisfaction of our clients.

As part of keeping up the long-term relationship with our clients, we work continuously to provide product updates and add the latest features to keep the product contemporary. It is no wonder, therefore, that we have a growing list of happy clients.

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Software Development for
Start-ups - FAQs

Yes. We do. Signing an NDA is a strictly followed first-step when we decide on developing software for our start-up clients. This is to ensure the safety and security of our clients’ ideas and the protection of the assets of both the parties concerned.
As an experienced software development company for start-ups in the USA, we at SayOne have helped many clients who have approached us without any idea about their requirements. Therefore, it is much easier to help someone with a partial app idea. We can fit in any of the missing pieces and help the clients to succeed. Even in this case, the end product will solely be the client’s property.
A business prospect with an app idea can call us on …. or contact us through Contact Form available on our website. One of our team members will call the prospect back and set up a time to have a discussion. Our prospects need to know that calls are without obligations whatsoever.
Yes. Most of the apps that we develop for our clients are designed to work on both Android and iOS platforms. This is because prospective clients frequently request us to develop apps that work on multiple platforms.
When it comes to developing apps, we start the development process by first arranging a meeting with our prospective clients to clearly understand their specific requirements. Once we get to know the key aspects of our client’s business, we develop a prototype only after receiving the client’s approval and then take on from there.

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