Our Culture.

We believe that the pace of a company’s growth is determined by the smartness of its team.

And an amalgamation of knowledge and smartness is undefeatable. While that being said, the skill set of each person will vary from one another. In all cases, the brightest ones set the benchmark and determine the pace of the race.

At SayOne, we are proud to house the finest set of talents spanning across various verticals. Once you are part of SayOne, we ensure that you experience a wide range of opportunities to improve as professionals and individuals.

Timely training and Learning & Development sessions, provided by senior software engineers and management team, ensure that you empower yourself for a better future. In addition to this, you get to participate in external as well as internal sessions like Tech talks, Workshops, Hackathons, etc, all conducted and coordinated with the objective to improve your skill set. Our mission is to provide an environment where you can learn and develop your skills further. Together, let’s fasten our pace to conquer the Digital world!

software development company in USA

How Exciting?.

  • Explore a plethora of professional growth opportunities.
  • Designation promotion with monetary benefits.
  • Continuous professional development and self-improvement training with L&D sessions.
  • Awards and recognitions such as Rockstar of the Month, Hackathon Mastermind, and Employee of the Year.
  • Happiness and celebrations in the form of Weekly fun hour activities, Monthly birthday bashes, Cultural festivities, Week-long company anniversary celebrations, and Half-yearly trips.
software development company in USA

Are You Ready to be an Integral Part of SayOne?

We are ready to reach for the stars. Are you?

A positive attitude

We face every storm with a smile.

A Philonoist by choice

We have an insatiable passion to learn.

A passion to reach for the stars

We are determined to be listed in the next Fortune 500.

A desire to be exceptional

We believe in doing the extraordinary to be extraordinary.

Need top engineers for your team.
Got a project on your mind

We collaborate with visionary leaders on projects that focus on quality and require the expertise of a highly-skilled and experienced team.