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Jibu James

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Application development companySep, 2020
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5 must-have technology trends for your small/medium size business!

Successes of small and medium businesses are increasingly and invariably seen connected to the smart use of right technology trends. Decision to catch up with tech trends is the best decision you can make to operate seamlessly, while focusing on growing the business you are passionate about. Here is a brief round up on the top trends to invest in. 


1. Mobile First 

According to Forrester’s Mobile trends forecast, over the course of next five years US mobile payments will grow up to a whooping $142 billion. This is not a huge surprise, considering that 89% of all small and medium businesses are already using mobile payments as their major transaction base.

Make use of the situation by investing in a solid app that speaks to your customers, make their transactions fluid, service calls a breeze and make them want to come back. When you are at that, also make your websites mobile responsive.  With the boom of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Facebook instant articles, mobile responsive sites are destined to get more exposure, click throughs and eventually, business. 

2. Videos for the win

With an entire generation (or two) on board, watching away videos that accounts as much as 74% of the overall web traffic, video marketing is the latest and best way to bring your product to lime light. Given that a majority of viewers watch more than 3/4th of any well crafted video, the chances of your message (or product) reaching the audience is very high. 

Take help in creating authentic and relevant content from known content producers with an established followers base in YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. Invest in making a catchy jingle. Run live demos of products and behind-the-scenes glimpses of your work space. All this could help in getting you a cream of the crop audience who may raise your revenue, directly or indirectly. 

If applicable, you could even use YouTube’s TrueView feature and sell your products along with the video content. 96% of B2B companies are planning to use video for content marketing over 2017; Don't fall behind on the trend!

3. Secure the walls

Cyber security is a very crucial yet highly neglected area of concern. With mobile commerce on a rise, the need for securing consumer data from the hands of cyber thugs is of prime importance. Small and medium business owners are as much or more vulnerable than larger corporations to a data breach and is less likely to recover from it. 

The best option? Take stock of your cybersecurity health, identify your risks, and follow the best practices for guarding against them. Invest in a full-service solution that offers everything from threat intelligence to fraud detection as well as user and transaction monitoring, credit services, and data breach mitigation. CloudFlare is a good option for starters. Also watch out for Adaptive Security Architecture trend which focuses more on a “Tit-For-Tat” strategy against hackers . More secure, more business. Bring that firewall up!

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4. Flexible payment options

In a world where even large corporations face major data breaches and compromise sensitive customer data, smaller businesses have pretty huge trust issues to deal with. Making different payment options available to choose from could manage the situation and help win more sales and conversion. PayPal, Amazon Payments Apple Pay, stripecayan etc are some of the top secure payment methods any business could offer to those skeptical of passing on their credit card details to you. 

5. Invest in CRM 

Chances are high that you already have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software in place. If not, now is the time to go get one. A typical CRM software records contact information, tracks interactions, and plans follow-up tasks with clients all in one platform and makes the whole process of customer profiling easier and manageable. 

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CRMs like Zoho, SugarCRM, and  Salesforce can be used to handle customer service cases, online marketing campaigns, inventory management and much for. You can easily connect the CRM to your existing Marketing Automation tool as well. For simpler contact and sales management, Insightly or Nimble could be a good choice.

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Application development company

Development process for the layperson and what does it take to build an application

Technology change is a constant and this means that software solutions have to be changed to leverage software solutions, boost business, reduce tech spends, or to provide enhanced customer experience.

Application development company

A guide on how to outsource python projects to India

A guide on how to outsource python projects to India

Application development company

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