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Vismaya C

Business Development Executive

Application development companySep, 2020
Application development company4 min read

Python is insanely popular, from being a go-to choice for small-scale applications to a favorite for enterprise software development, Python is all over the place. It may be arguable, but startups love Python. As a programming language, it offers everything that a startup wants in its product development process:

  • affordability

  • speed of development

  • scalability

  • security

  • popularity of language

  • cost of development

  • libraries

  • integration

  • stability

Python ticks pretty much every item on the list, and it is quite apparent for the startups to choose a programming language that is robust and as established as Python for their business application. Besides, some of the world's most popular web applications run on Python, giants like Google, Instagram, Spotify, Facebook, Netflix, and Dropbox heavily rely on Python for its dynamic capabilities.

Courtesy: The PYPL PopularitY of Programming Language Index

Why is Python Popular?

  1. User-friendly 

Despite being a high-level programming language, the beauty of Python lies in its Simplicity. A set of core principles govern programming using Python and its these principles that just about gives Python all the qualities it is known for, and some of them are:

  • Beautiful is better than ugly.

  • Explicit is better than implicit.

  • Simple is better than complex.

  • The complex is better than complicated.

Unlike the complex syntax, Python uses English language keywords, which makes it very easy to learn and code. It can achieve a particular functionality in a fewer line of codes

compared to programming languages like C or Java.

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  1. Popular

The above-shown PYPL - PopularitY of Programming Language Index is the list of how often someone searches for language tutorials on Google. And Python being on top of the list is an indication of Python’s growing popularity among developers to learn it or use it for new software development.

  1. Large Community

Python has an expansive community of enthusiastic and devoted developers. You will have extensive and accessible support for all problems that you may encounter during your development journey. Thousands of Python programmers are on a quest to improve the language's core and features and functionalities.

  1. Versatile

Python offers seamless functionality across Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. It has always found implementation in building gaming software, web frameworks, prototyping, etc. but more recently, it has gained immense popularity in data science and machine learning applications. And if your project requires Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning functionalities, then look no further. Python offers faster development speed, and developers can test out their codes much faster in Python than in other languages, saving both cost and time.

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  1. Scalability

The development life-cycle of software doesn't end at deployment. Your software has to grow for it to be a success. Scalability is the demand of startup businesses, and Python extends flexibility to scale up and scale down your business application. Python is relatively simple to maintain, and if you choose to use the Django framework - the most popular framework for Python, you make scaling a lot easier. Django framework comprises a series of components that are detachable, which means that they can be altered, removed, or replaced as per your project requirement.

  1. Faster MVP

A Minimum Viable Product (MVP)  is a version of a product that allows gathering the maximum amount of information about market conditions and customers with the least effort. As a startup, it is of prime importance to build your MVP asap to get funding. Python offers quick development speed, lesser lines of code, and with rich third-party libraries, it is the optimum choice for creating MVP.

  1. A small team will do the job

With Python, you do not need an army of developers to create a proof of concept. A small team can achieve the same level of speed and productivity that a big team of developers may achieve with other programming languages. And a smaller team means a lesser development budget, something that is crucial for startups.

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Wrapping Up

Python is unarguably the best choice of programming language for startup projects. It is open-source, it has a super-rich library with features more than you will ever want, a devoted community, and an excellent support network. Modern businesses and startups are data-centric, and Python is any day the choice for applications with data science and Machine learning capabilities. Its benefits and features make it an excellent choice for big enterprises as well as startups.

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Application development company

It would be an understanding to say that the world is under crisis of unseen proportions, at least for the majority of the presents generations.

It would be an understanding to say that the world is under crisis of unseen proportions, at least for the majority of the presents generations.

Application development company

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