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5 must-have technology trends for your small/medium size business!

Successes of small and medium businesses are increasingly and invariably seen...

12 Jan 2017
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Parvathy Nair

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Design patterns in iOS!

What is a design pattern? Developers encounter many problems during softwa...

06 Jan 2017
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Mithin Thomas

Mobility Lead

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Book review: ‘Work Rules’ by Laszlo Bock

You do not search something on the internet, you Google it. Google glasses an...

30 Dec 2016
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Sruthi K S

HR Manager

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Deploying a Django application to development server using Nginx

One of the main problems faced by a developer is hosting his application in a...

23 Dec 2016
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Nijo James

DevOps Engineer

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Find your way inside any venue with indoor maps!

Today’s world is surging ahead at a breakneck pace. As we move ahead in...

16 Dec 2016
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Real Prad A

Chief Executive Officer

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Top 7 crash reporting tools in iOS!

CRASH!!! For a developer, nothing is worse than hearing this from his user ...

06 Dec 2016
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Ravisankar V

Software Engineer

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A peek into the world of Internet of Things!

What is IOT? Imagine a world where all devices, equipments and even our su...

30 Nov 2016
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Thomas John

Associate Software Engineer

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Automation testing with Selenium using Python!

Software Testing Software testing is an indispensable and integral part of...

21 Nov 2016
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Binu Babu

QA Engineer

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10 essential tips for a great presentation!

All of us, at various points in our studies or career are expected to take at...

16 Nov 2016
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HariRam M V

Project Manager