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All about marketing automation

By Akhil SundarJan. 15, 2021, 3 p.m. Application development company
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Marketing automation has been in the industry since 1980`s. When we look back we can recollect that an automated marketing system was in place to pick the name of one’s client’s from a database and paste it in the letter intended for sending to the client.

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What is Marketing Automation?

In simple words, a machine will do all your marketing jobs, while you sit back and relax over a cup of coffee.

Automated Data Collection

Initial stage is data collection. Have you ever thought of where are all these data from?  Data can be collected from any source say from various websites or directories. Usually a person needs to manually visit each page and get the data. When we deal with huge data, say in millions, consumes a lot time and there are chance of getting errors. More over all collected data may not be relevant. This is where technologies play a role. Web Scraping helps to get such huge data, like couple of thousands a day. Surveys show that 80% of market automation users saw their leads increased.  The whole process is controlled by specific built scraping codes. Here we can specify the targeted industries or designations or even skill sets.

Automated Validation

The data thus collected needs to be validated. Automated Validation tools like QuickEmailVerification, Kickbox and Mail tester are available in the market. These tools can be integrated with these systems and they also come with several flexible features.
Surveys also show that 30% of manually collected emails have either invalid syntax or domain errors. Utilization of these services increases the chance to delivering emails to valid inboxes. This also reduces the chance of emails getting bounced due to domain errors or from getting spam. 

Email Campaign

MailChimp or SendGrid is widely used automation tools for email marketing campaigns. They reduce our tasks and saves time by one third. Such apps also come with hundreds of tailor-made features. Multiple campaigns can be scheduled or even personalization can be done. Personalized emails make a lot more impact than other.

Benefits of Automation

All together automation saves a lot time. The above mentioned technologies play a specific role when it comes to a single system. Easy integration helps the user to merge the old school system of excel or any data with these automated tools. Specific or targeted data can be collected and can be modified any time in line to the current requirement. This association of all marketing requirements also helps the user to get data more accurate.

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Each of the above mentioned technologies are supported mutually when we combine this into one complete system. SayOne has not felt such a system to be an expensive affair. We have built such systems at low cost often.

There is a lot more to talk about marketing in detail. SayOne always engages in deep research of such automation activities for constantly bettering its marketing activities. Basic backend technologies employed are Big Data, Scraping, Analytics and Django. Our databases are built in such a way that helps the marketing team to lessen its workload while the technology works by itself to benefit them.

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