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Android App Development Trends For The Upcoming Year 2021

By Karthik RameshDec. 31, 2020, 3 p.m. Application development company
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Mobile usage has percolated deeper in all levels in society across the world. This has, consequently, widened the scope and market for mobile app development.

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Mobile usage has percolated deeper in all levels in society across the world. This has, consequently, widened the scope and market for mobile app development. More than just a cell phone, a mobile phone is now an entertainment hub, a device used for shopping-on-the-go, and to place food orders. It finds many other unique uses also. All of these get down through apps. 

There is also little doubt Android is the most used mobile OS with a market share of over 85% and the Google Play Store fields over 3.04 million mobile apps that can be downloaded. This is a direct reflection of Android’s popularity. 

Android apps belong to a wide range of items including daily-use tools such as calendars, simple and complex games, enterprise applications, biological apps, and so on. Android apps are popular because they are easy to use and, with this support, they are expected to hold on to the mobile app major market share in the coming year, 2021. 

Android app development is keeping pace with the latest technological trends and this gives us an idea of the topmost Android app trends that will keep up with the evolution in the coming year 2021, as we stand in the threshold of the New Year. 

Android App Development Trends in 2021

In this article, we attempt to list out some of the most prominent trends that Android apps will exhibit to stay ahead in the mobile app development industry

Instant Apps

Instant apps are getting to be more popular and Android is not losing out on this new trend. Apps can be used instantly without having to download them and this surely becoming a favorite with many. Games and other applications are now available in the instant format.

This technology is particularly helpful when using apps in the games and eCommerce genres. They do not take up extra space on the mobiles and do not interrupt other processes. The best part is that they are accessible across all Android devices. 


This technology is particularly useful for developers as it provides for decentralized app development solutions. Blockchain solutions help to eliminate unauthorized interruptions and boost transparency. This technology is most suited for money exchange and finance apps. These apps are more secure and reduce data loss. 


Incorporating AI into apps has become an easier job with the advent of cloud computing that has added to the cloud computing strengths of organizations. It is also a known fact that incorporation of AI can enhance productivity by up to 40 percent.

AI can be used to power a variety of apps that incorporate data analytics, image identification, and natural language processing. Trained neural networks can be introduced into devices like the smartphone and made to work without consuming the processor power. 

Cross-platform Apps

Flutter from Google is now a hot favorite among developers and is being extensively used to build cross-platform apps (apps that work on both Android and iOS platforms). Flutter is very suited for MVP development and is easy to learn for the developers. Moreover, Flutter helps to create amazing UIs with the look and feel of Native apps.


Merging the content and application with Google Assistant in 2021 will be of key interest to entrepreneurs and business owners as it helps to use the apps straightaway in the Assistant. The Android Slices feature helps to use the most important content of mobile apps and showcase it to Assistant’s users. The ability to merge with Google Assistant, whose user numbers are increasing by the day, with mobile apps, is predicted to be a favorite with developers in this coming year.

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With increasing focus on customer satisfaction and workforce productivity, Application performance monitoring (APM) products are evolving to augment Android Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions in more ways than one. 

These technologies are currently being used to increase the speed at which mobile apps execute. So much so, these are evolving to becoming a test to assure the quality of a mobile app. Besides, it also allows employees of an enterprise to productively exchange data over mobile devices. 


Beacons (transmitting gadgets) are being successfully integrated with mobiles to help promising clients link up strongly with local businesses. Notifications regarding special offers and discounts are sent to these gadgets. 

Integrating the beacon technology into Android apps is proving to be a hit with the local shops and businesses in promoting their services and products. 

5G Technology

5G technology enables superior data transmission at speeds of 100 GBPS. These networks would be faster than their 4G counterparts. Android apps capable of using the 5G technology can power feature-rich apps that will help business ventures and provide better gaming and entertainment options worldwide. 

IoT (Internet of Things)

Mobiles phones do a lot more than just facilitating communication between individuals. They now facilitate the functioning of other smart devices like fitness watches, smart TVs, wearables and smart home durables. 

It is expected that over 75.44 billion gadgets will be connected via mobile apps by the year 2025 and Android apps likely to be used for such apps because of their cost-effectiveness. 

Android Jetpack

With the advent of Android Jetpack, a collection of Android software components that aid in building apps, developing regular apps has become a breeze. This suite of libraries helps developers to fashion advanced apps also with the same ease. 

With the four foundation pillars of Android Jetpack being behavior, UI, foundation and architecture, using the Android Jetpack is touted as one of the most prominent trends in the next decade. 

On-demand Apps

On-demand apps are designed to improve the app user’s experience and render better client service. Android is the better-suited platform for these apps. This type of apps is predicted to become popular in 2021. These apps are designed to perform daily routine tasks faster and more comfortably.

These apps are used in healthcare and beauty, and retail, food delivery, etc. these work by locating the clients and providing the necessary services. 

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Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallets and payment gateways have become very popular recently, thanks to prevailing Covid-19 restrictions. Android apps like Google and Phone Pe are very popular. The apps are designed to make safe and secure financial transactions. The trend is very likely to continue into the coming year when more such mobile wallets will make their entry into the market. 


Whereas virtual reality (VR) is already much talked about, augmented reality (AR) in Android apps is expected to make its mark in the coming ear. AR is all about presenting objects and data in greater reality for gaming, education, retail, healthcare, and entertainment. 

Foldable devices

Foldable devices form only a fraction of the mobile device industry. However, many Android clients are looking to buy foldable devices in the coming years. With this, Android foldable apps are also slated to become very popular. 

Wearable Apps

Creating Android apps (using the Android SDK) for Android wearables, smart-watches, wellness trackers, etc., are predicted to become more popular in the coming year because of extensive functionality and design. Use of these apps can also nurture associated business growth and are therefore viewed as being of high potential. 


Android smartphones have helped to drastically improve revenues of eCommerce mobile apps. With an increased preference to shop using the mobile, many users download eCommerce Android apps on their smartphones to shop for the products and services that they prefer. This trend is predicted to continue big-time in the next coming year as well. 

These apps are preferred for high-quality seamless user experience they offer, safe and secure payment methods that they facilitate, and ability to receive push notifications that provide the client with relevant information regarding products and services.

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Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs)

This technology enables website publishers to enhance their visibility in mobile search pages.  Google gives additional prominence to websites that use AMPs than the ones without AMPs. Combined with Android apps, this technology is sought after by businesses that want to catch the top spot in mobile search pages.  

Cloud-based Android Apps

Cloud-based Android apps are more popular than ever before because they work to lessen the burden caused by data loading. Cloud storage keeps a significant amount of data securely outside of a phone’s memory. These apps can be accessed by the user at any place or time without any loss in performance.  


Usage of Android apps have brought along major changes in the way people use the apps, so much so, it has created drastically changed lifestyles. Primarily supporting better user experience when using the apps, the new technologies in the making are likely to change how Android apps are going to function in the coming years.

For businesses and enterprises that are planning to develop Android apps in the coming year, it is important to get a grip on the most recent development trends for the platform. Only this can help the businesses to stay ahead in spite of the continuously evolving trends of Android apps in the mobile app development industry.

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