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5 Reasons Why We Redesigned Our Website (And Why You Should)

Ideally, your website needs a redesign after every 2-3 years. Here is your qu...

07 Sep 2018
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Hena Kabeer

Digital Marketing Executive

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How DevOps will Play a Crucial Role in Your Business

Introducing DevOps for your business DevOps is a collaborative approach to...

02 Jul 2018
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Nijo James

DevOps Engineer

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SayOne gets 11th Review on the Popular B2B Analyst firm - Clutch

A non-biased review represents accurate information. It details services, pro...

22 Jun 2018
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Hari Krishna

Chief Operating Officer

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How to prepare your business for GDPR?

In today’s data empowered world, maintaining data privacy and security ...

25 May 2018
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Marina Joseph

Business Analyst

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How slack changed our communication at SayOne

Can we call technology a blessing in disguise? Of course one shall never deny...

25 Jun 2015
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Anu M Conston

QA Engineer

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7 things we do to make our clients happy

SayOne is about to commemorate it's 4th anniversary. It has been a wonder...

22 May 2015
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Real Prad A

Chief Executive Officer