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CRM for Financial Advisors

By Jomin JohnsonApril 11, 2023, 3 p.m. Application development company
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CRM systems help financial advisors to tag existing and prospective clients based on their requirements, engagement levels, interests, and pipeline positions.

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In this demanding field, customer relationship management solutions provide a method to store client data in centralized locations and track this data to help them to automate repetitive administrative tasks and maintain regular communications with the clients. These solutions enable advisors to get an end-to-end view of their clients and provide better quality, relevant, and personalized financial advisory services.

CRM for Financial Advisors – Key Features

1: Lead Generation

CRM software solutions are designed to provide more than one way to monitor marketing activities and the networks to sieve the most prospective leads. When you have a client’s engagement history with you at hand, it becomes easy to design and implement a personalized engagement plan that involves the most suitable communication, strategize and plan follow-ups, and set up appointments that will help to turn these prospects into loyal clients in the future.

2: Client Data Management

Using all in one CRM software will help you to store and organize comprehensive details related to client records, including personal information, communication history, and contracts.The CRM solution automatically collects and updates client data across different channels (phone calls, chat messages, emails, etc.). This helps you to keep track of your client’s status, preferences, investment portfolio, key life events, etc. and helps you to meet their financial needs in a better manner.

3: Task Management

Financial advisors can easily set up CRMs and use them to manage routine client service tasks all along the customer lifecycle. Emailing clients and other manual data entry can be automated to streamline everyday operations, and this helps them to save time and effort. CRM systems can be set up to issue automatic reminders for upcoming meetings or calls and notify holidays and birthdays to ensure that no opportunity is overlooked.

4: Reporting

CRM solutions can analyze and track your advisory team’s performance over time. CRM solutions are designed to produce different custom reports, and with these, you can study the productivity patterns of your team members, optimize inefficient workflows, and make your business processes transparent.

5: Integration

High-quality CRM software is designed to integrate with other business-critical software like accounting systems and marketing software for an organization. These integrations help to eliminate departmental data silos and allow you to receive timely alerts and make quick decisions based on these alerts.

Best CRM Solutions for Financial Advisors

CRM solutions

Microsoft Dynamics 365

This solution is best suited for wealth and asset management companies that are looking for a comprehensive solution which can be customized according to their specific requirements.


A centralized database providing shared access to client accounts and preventing departmental data silos

Event management section that can be used to plan and schedule emails, calls, and meetings by using automatic reminders

Workflow automation using which you can standardize and streamline marketing, sales, and customer service processes, thus eliminating human errors, and ultimately reducing operational costs

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Allows self-service for customers with intelligent chatbots to facilitate client independence and allow quick information sharing and provide answers to common client questions 

Extensive automated reports to gain insights into financial services that have been provided and analyze client interaction history there of Improve functionality by integrating with other Microsoft Dynamics modules and third-party products.


This CRM solution is highly suited for small wealth management companies or those independent financial advisors who are looking to offer client-centered services in the finance sector.


Enables contact management via contact record pages and helps to keep track of all client interactions and their financial information, including social media activities of the clients

Document management module that helps to add, manage, and share documents with other team members

Task management section that helps to create and assign specific client service tasks to individual team members and thereafter monitor their progress

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Availability of automated workflows (customizable sequential workflows) and shared checklists for better team collaboration and easy and flexible client management

Events calendar that you can use to set up and manage different schedules (in a single location) and sync with Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar

Advanced reports engine for all CRM objects, such as tasks, contacts, events, workflows, etc., that allows dynamic generation of customized reports based on more than one criterion for in-depth data analytics

UGRU Financial CRM

This CRM solution offers its capabilities for those small and growing financial advisory businesses that want rich financial planning features.

UGRU – Features

Contact management helps to organize all the vital information related to prospects, clients, and associates, including the communication history

The sales automation feature helps to track clients all along the sales cycle, assess the value of opportunities, and calculate the chances of deals that can be closed

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Phone automation for outbound calls to connect to a VoIP system and remain in contact with clients by freeing the landline/mobile device

Availability of email marketing automation to run drip campaigns along with newsletters and financial brochures and send mass emails to clients, thereby keeping them updated on the latest developments.

Financial planning module that helps to plan cash flows, investments, retirement income, etc., and analyze clients’ needs and run different scenarios to obtain comprehensive details about financial opportunities

Accounting and invoicing module that helps to leverage a central database for recording cash flow and billing records


A well-designed CRM software solution thus helps financial advisors to maintain a rich relationship with their clients by automating customer relationship workflows. Additionally, such solutions offer in-depth views into every client’s unique needs, allowing advisors to provide highly personalized advisory services. 

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Financial advisors can use CRM systems to tag their clients and prospects and to assess their interests and requirements, to decide the modus operandi of engaging them for better results. The solution should also provide an option for workflow automation that would help advisors to perform the routine tasks of follow-up, communications, and scheduling meetings.

CRM solutions for financial institutions and professionals to manage their customer relationships in a better manner and increase sales.

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