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How DevOps will Play a Crucial Role in Your Business

By Karthik RameshJan. 14, 2021, 3 p.m. Application development company
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A guide on how to outsource python projects to India

A guide on how to outsource python projects to India

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Discover the power of DevOps as a collaborative approach to software development. Unify cultural philosophies, practices, and tools to enhance software delivery capabilities and performance for increased operational efficiency.

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DevOps is a collaborative approach to software development. In such an approach, the Development and Operational teams work together, rather than working in silos, for operational efficiency. Well, this doesn’t imply that it is a mere collaborative working model. Instead, DevOps is the unification of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools for increasing an organization’s software delivery capabilities and performances.

The core of DevOps is a ‘Systems Thinking’ approach. By this, it means that the entire organization and its departments function as a single system. The output from each department or sub-system serves as the input for the next sub-system. The efficiency with which each sub-system functions and the output that is fed to the succeeding system determines the operational competence. Further, this approach reduces the time-to-market of the product. And the feedback given after each output plays a crucial role in improving the system every now and then. This way DevOps delivers value to the customers. 

The different phases of DevOps are:

  • Continuous Development  
  • Continuous Testing 
  • Continuous Integration 
  • Continuous Deployment 
  • Continuous Monitoring 

The benefits of DevOps for business

The above figure shows a recent study conducted by Statista. The study does a comparative analysis of DevOps adoption by software developers in 2017 and 2018. As per the study, there are fewer than 10% software developers worldwide who have not adopted DevOps or aren’t planning to do so. This is a clear indication that a fair percentage of organizations and software developers have already implemented DevOps seeing it as a remedy for business challenges. 

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Let’s see how DevOps is promising towards delivering business value:

  1. Shorter time-to-market

Unity is the strength. In DevOps, it is the key to delivering products faster. With such a collaborative working model which is strengthened with the help of tools and technologies, products reach the market almost 10 times faster than the expected time.

  1. Increased product quality

What is the cause for deployment failures? Of course, programming defects! The Systems Thinking approach in DevOps facilitates iterative code releases. As more code releases happen, the probability of spotting and correcting the programming defects increases. This further shortens the recovery time and speeds up the recovery process to promote quality delivery.

  1. Improved team communication and collaboration

A close-knit team is the heart of the project. DevOps promotes a healthy relationship among the different teams working on the project. As all the teams are on the same page, this makes communication and collaboration simpler and hence, increases productivity.

  1. Enhanced configuration management

In DevOps, configuration management has its own defined set of tools for effective infrastructure management. These automation tools organize and execute the configuration plans, continuously monitor the system and manage the infrastructure.

  1. Faster experimentation & reduced costs 

From identifying the need to distributing the product, DevOps fastens the entire process. This results in faster delivery of the product into the market. When the product requires minimum iterations and is delivered on or before the expected date, it saves both cost and time. 

What more to expect?

"Although many organizations are in the experimentation stage with single or multiple pilots, they all are transitioning toward DevOps across their entire enterprise."
                                                                                       - Robert Stroud, Forrester Research

2018 is the year of Enterprise DevOps. In the coming years, there will be an increasing number of enterprises who will be putting DevOps into action. If you believe that DevOps has the power to transform your software delivery, then contact our expert team today. We can help you with implementing the best DevOps practices for your business!

Get in touch to know how your business idea can be turned into an efficient business product.

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