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7 Ways Artificial Intelligence Enhances Software Development

By Hari KrishnaMarch 6, 2023, 3 p.m. Application development company
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Modern technologies allow you to outsource software development to overseas programmers who will work remotely and help you to save costs. The other major advantage is that you will have access to large talent pools.

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Discover how artificial intelligence can enhance software development, from improved productivity and accuracy to faster problem-solving. Read to learn more!

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The impact of artificial intelligence (AI) is immense and, in recent times, leading to a revolutionized workspace and workforce. 

The intended purpose of AI is to improve any process to obtain better results. Many different industry verticals are therefore keen on adopting this technology. Advanced AI such as deep learning and machine learning begets the intelligence and behavior of humans, and this makes them capable of planning, organizing, learning, and manipulating. 

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In this blog post, we attempt to see how AI for software development is changing the face of the industry and AI in software development lessens the effort of developers.

How is Artificial Intelligence Aiding Software Development 

Software development refers to the process of building software, from the concept phase to the finished product/service. This step-by-step process is put together in an orderly fashion and is referred to as the software development life cycle (SDLC). 

Developers commonly used coding languages such as JavaScript and C++ to create software. The different types of software vary from software for computers to apps on smartphones or other mobile devices. In spite of the purported decline of the IT market due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for software has seen a rise.

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Industry experts opine that AI can make a difference in the software development industry and change the roles of the developers giving them more time to work on skilled tasks. Detailed below are the different ways in which AI can aid the software development industry.

Changing Developers Roles

Artificial Intelligence can be designed to take over mundane and repetitive tasks. In such cases, the developers will have more free time and can use this freed-up time for more intelligent tasks and other complex software problems that have to be solved. Development time is reduced considerably. The gaps thus created may also make room for more software to be created and hire more developers for this. 

Software Quality Assurance Testing

Software Quality Assurance Testing

Quality control and assurance is a job that takes up considerable time and effort for the developers. It is also possible that developers miss errors and allow them to slip past them. These bugs may get noticed only when the app is released.

AI can be made into a functional tool and can be made to perform quality assurance testing of software that is being developed. AI completes the work with speed and no errors slip by giving accurate results. AI testing can also be made to check different software versions to pick out the best. This results in high-quality outcomes. 

Faster Coding

AI gives the best results when working alongside human developers. In this context, AI tools can assist developers to complete their projects. AI is not designed to replace developers. It will be a long while before AI can write code without any human assistance. Nowadays, you can find AI tools that can assist developers in their projects.

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AI-enabled software tools (Tara and Kite) can help to reduce the coding time of developers. AI works by suggesting optimized code or completing a portion of the code while developers are creating them. They work like autocorrect or autosuggestion on your phone. These tools also educate amateur developers and they can learn how to code in less time. In real-time, they see how the codes work.

Manages Debugging

Developers have to check the software for issues that might arise in the future. This takes time and can lead to more errors. AI makes the process faster than when done manually. When AI detects an error, it fixes the bugs immediately.

There is no need for any human intervention at all. Therefore, developers continue their other lined-up work.AI tools are now available that can predict future errors by examining databases. This information is passed on to the developers so that they can avoid them in the future.

Better Budgeting

Software development is an expensive and time-consuming job. Therefore companies have to plan and estimate everything from the start to the finish. AI helps to predict and estimate both the results and costs. Organizations can thus use it to decide whether the project is worth continuing at all.

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Real-time User Feedback 

Users’ feedback helps companies to improve their service/ product and can also be the basis for future projects. AI tools help developers to improve the software user experience.

AI and Machine Learning (ML) can learn user behavior and gather real-time data and fix such issues. This helps software companies avoid customer cart abandonment issues and improve their sales.

High-Quality Code Compiling

AI-code compilers can be designed to improve the speed and quality of software. Developers can transfer codes to ML and help in active software development and continuously enhance the product.


AI can have positive impacts on the software development industry as it helps developers save time when developing software and also budgets the project.

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The goal is to create intelligent programs that can handle real-time problems and help organizations and people achieve their goals.

combined with ML is used to provide users with the required functionalities to make the business process a simpler one. AI software is also used to develop and build intelligent apps from scratch using ML and deep learning.

Some advantages of using AI in software development include reducing human error, zero risk, anytime availability, making unbiased decisions, and performing repetitive jobs, among others.

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