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When should you choose Django Framework

By Hari KrishnaJuly 20, 2020, 3 p.m. Application development company
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When to Embrace Django Framework: Unveiling the Ideal Scenarios. Make Informed Decisions for Your Web Development Projects.

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When should you choose Django Framework

When should you choose Django Framework

Speed, Security, or Scalability: Which is Your Priority?

Choosing the right framework is as crucial as selecting the right programming language for your web development project. It is natural to look in the past and decide what has worked well for your previous projects, but it is wiser to analyze and figure out what works best for your current project.

If you are planning your web development project and are skeptical about which framework to choose, then consider Django. It is a free and open-source framework based on Python, used for both web and mobile projects by developers. This article aims to help you make an informed choice of whether Django is the right framework for your project.

Why use Django for your next project?

Django is Python-based 

When should you choose Django Framework

Django has garnered some insane popularity in recent years and being a python-based framework, Django derives some of the main features of Python that made it popular. Google, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Spotify are some of the global giants who have an immense dependency on Python. Almost every industry today is either data-driven or will be, and Python is a go-to choice for data science and machine learning application development. Choosing the Django framework lets you enjoy the perks of Python.

Django is the all-inclusive framework 

Django is known for batteries included, which means that it comes with a rich set of libraries and tools for most of the common to complex functionalities such as session handling, HTTP libraries, Singals, template engine, AJAX support and many more. 

Don't Repeat Yourself (DRY) Principle

The DRY principle aims at reducing the repetition of information and lets the developers focus on the unique code. This feature accelerates the development process when using the Django framework. It takes care of the standard disputes of the development process and allows developers to focus on the application for sooner delivery.

Django is secure

Django offers a highly out-of-the-box security system that is unique among web development frameworks. It allows developers to take care of the common security issues such as CSRF, SQL Injection, XSS, Clickjacking, etc. without any extra hassles.

Mobile or Web, Django suits all

Django works for projects of all scale and size, whether it's a simple web application or a complex enterprise software solution. Django functions well with most of the databases, Django ORM (object-relational mapper) provides a layer between developer and database. Developers can move or migrate applications to different databases with a minor code change.

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Scalability & Reliability

Due to its wide popularity and usage, cloudplatforms are working towards providing support to run Django applications seamlessly on them. Once deployed in a cloud environment, the developer can manage the application with a single command.

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When to use Django?

When should you choose Django Framework

  • Your project needs fast development and deployment, and also wants to make changes as your progress.

  • Your application must be secure from the most common attacks and vulnerabilities.

  • Your project demands scalability.

  • Future scope of integration with technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning.

  • The framework must have a proven performance history and be trusted among the global technology giants.

  • Both the web app and API backend must be on the same codebase for the sake of reusability.

  • You want an open-source software and expect a supportive community to help you with your development issues.

The above points may not strictly meet your requirement, but it gives a ballpark idea of the kind of projects for which the Django framework will be a favorable choice.

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