Baaqty is a website that provides information regarding the services provided by the different Telecom Operators, Sim card plans and plans for huge variety of mobiles.

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Baaqty is the one-stop eCommerce solution for all the mobile needs of a customer right from buying a mobile handset to getting it recharged. It provides an all-inclusive online shopping experience to the Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Building the eCommerce website came with its fair share of challenges.


Advertisement Management:

Administrators will have the ability to Add/Remove/Manage advertisements on the specified web pages and can decide the validity for the advertisements displayed on the pages. The system will notify the Administrator the expiry of the advertisements as well the same will be notified to the advertisers to their provided email address.

Advertisements can be of the following types

  • Single advertisement display.
  • Multiple advertisement displays with rotation.
  • Call to action advertisements.
  • If the advertisement displayed has a call to action feature then the End User has to be directed to the appropriate URL.
  • The Administrator should be able to gather analytics and reports of the advertisements placed on the portal.


Django Ads is used to meet the client’s requirement, the Django Advertisement management has the following functionality to admin, they can configure the following fields via the admin console.


Survey Management:

The portal needs to integrate a Licensed/Open Source survey tool, the Administrator will be responsible to manage the survey questionnaire. The End User will be requested to do the survey at a certain point of time. Only Registered End Users can do the survey. If the End User is not a Registered End User then they will be requested to Sign Up/Sign In to the system. Once done, the survey questionnaire will be presented to the Registered End User. On submission of the questionnaire, the Administrator will receive analytics and reports of the same.


Google forms was used to achieve this functionality. This tool allows collecting information from users via a personalized survey or quiz. The responses to the surveys are neatly and automatically collected in forms with real-time response information and charts. Also, the data can further be viewed in spreadsheets. Administrators can choose the template for each question for example in the form of multiple choice, dropdowns, etc.


Mass E-Mailing:

The portal needs to integrate a Licensed/Open Source mass emailing tool. The Administrator is responsible to manage the mailing addresses of the Registered as well as the Unregistered End Users and can send emails to either selected or all End Users.
The system should trigger an email notifying the updates on a periodic basis to all the Registered End Users who have requested for alerts on their profile.


MailChimp was employed to achieve this functionality, the application is a marketing automation platform and email marketing service. It builds and organizes lists of recipient email addresses. The emailing tool employed complies with the anti-spam regulation and comes with extensive analytical data to measure and optimize the future messages and campaigns. Using MailChimp application will be able to give the user the option to subscribe and unsubscribe for the regular email updates.


Service/Traffic Analytics:

The portal needs to integrate a Licensed/Open Source tool to track the affiliate marketing initiations made through the portal. This will be used for the commission settlement with the affiliate websites. For each forwarding we need to record and report to the Administrator, following are some of the parameters need to be tracked:

  • End User who triggered the forwarding.
  • URL to which it forwarded.
  • Product from which the forwarding initiated.
  • Number of forwards per country.
  • Number of forwards per Telecom Operator per country.


The analytical solution was achieved with Kibana open source analytics and visualization platform designed to work with Elasticsearch. It allows to search, view, and interact with data stored in Elasticsearch indices. You can easily perform advanced data analysis and visualize your data in a variety of charts, tables, and maps. Kibana makes it easy to understand large volumes of data. It's simple, browser-based interface is used to quickly create and share dynamic dashboards that display changes to Elasticsearch queries in real time. Kibana helps to visualize the data for better understanding.

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