DreamKatcher App is a first-of-its-kind platform that works to create an ecosystem where creators and investors in the Entertainment Industry can come together to collaborate and initiate new projects

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DreamKatcher App is a free platform that provides a platform for new talents and creators to showcase their talent. It is a first-of-its-kind platform that aims to bring together creators and investors in theDigital Media and Film Industry to collaborate and create. Artists and creators can upload intro and audition videos in their portfolio and get selected by producers and creators. The platform runs various competitions with prizes to win, an opportunity for creators to up their game and move closer to become the next big thing.


The project came with its fair share of challenges, the application was started by 3 companies and when SayOne took the application it was in a bad state, with issues in interface and technical glitches it was nowhere close to usable.

  • Video Trimming and size reduction without losing the quality was the major challenge for us.
  • Relevant thumbnail development.
  • 50 continuous claps for the feeds.
  • Prize based on the claps for contest participation winners.
  • Engagement Factors (claps, comments, rating ) for each feed.


External packages were used for the same using Celery and RabbitMQ for Video and Pics on sharing to social media. Engagement algorithms for the feeds and prize for the content were. Separate external packages used with Animations and counts will be passed to the server for each click. We were able to create a beautifully categorized, engaging, and aesthetic application that stays true to the experience it promises.

Technology Stack